June 29 2017 - 4:55 pm

PAYDAY 2: Crime Spree – New Modifiers, Rewards and more…

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The police will be stepping up its war on crime with new challenges for any heister that is trying to commit a Crime Spree in their city. Any heister that wish to claim the new rewards added to the cosmetic item pool will surely have a challenge ahead of themselves. There will be new abilities and buffs for existing enemies and even some new unit variants to be deployed against them.

The Spree system has also gotten a bit of an update. The initial buy-in cost is gone for a level 0 Crime Spree. That means you only need to pay when skipping levels in the Spree.

The modifier selector is also different with the new update. After the update there will be three modifier intervals to work with.

Loud Modifiers every 20th Crime Spree Level
Stealth Modifiers every 26th Crime Spree Level
Forced Loud Modifiers every 50th Crime Spree Level.

Stealth and Loud Modifiers will have the player choose from a set of old and new modifiers that will change the gameplay in different ways. Forced Modifiers will always increase the enemies health and damage and will be automatically applied to the Crime Spree when the appropriate level is reached.

The heist selector will no longer be divided in long, medium and short heists like before. The choice will now be stealth, short or long heists. The stealth heist may be long or short.


When downloading this update your current Crime Spree will disappear, we highly recommend claiming your rewards before downloading the update. Any unclaimed rewards will be lost when the update is installed.

Now it’s time for some good old fashioned lawbreaking.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: 129.1MB

The Desync Beta will be deactivated until we release a new beta update.

  • Made a slight visual update to Jacket
  • Fixed so that items will show their DLC lock again instead of "Ultimate Edition"
  • Players can no longer be downed while in casing mode
  • Fixed some advanced video options not resetting when defaulting video options
  • Players can no longer select "loud" tactic on stealth only heists like The Yacht Heist
  • Fixed players being refunded cash when default weapon parts were removed from their weapons during weapon validation
  • "Fixed some visual issues with the Beanies masks on lobby characters
  • Fixed an issue where Continental Coins on the end of heist screen wouldn’t use thousand separators correctly while counting
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching profiles fast in the inventory



  • Fixed a portal issue
  • Fixed some floating graffiti
  • Fixed enemies running through the wall before you blow it up
  • Fixed a spot where the truck could get stuck
  • Moved a tent so that the player can’t get stuck behind it

Biker Heist

  • Fixed host players being able to give the Mechanic the chrome skull, soda, or tools, even if somebody else was holding it

Diamond Store

  • Fixed so that cops can no longer shoot you through the wall in the alley

Election Day

  • The player can no longer grab the drill from another room in Breaking Ballot
  • Fixed some floating objects in Breaking Ballot
  • There are no longer 2 escape zones at the end of Breaking Ballot
  • Players can no longer get stuck between desk and chair behind the voting machines on Breaking Ballot

Framing Frame

  • Fixed so that the player can not throw a bag where he can’t reach it

Goat Simulator

  • Fixed a crash when kickstarting the saw on day 1

Golden Grin Casino

  • Fixed so that there is cash in the vault on Mayhem and One Down

Hoxton Breakout

    Fixed a crash if Hoxton was on the bridge when it was blown up on day 2

New Safe House

  • Fixed so that the Goat trophy does not appear until you finish the trophy
  • Fixed a blue box in Scarface room on Tier 1
  • Fixed a sniper that would not shoot at the player during a raid
  • Fixed a lamp that was clipping with the wall in Scarface room
  • Fixed some floating money in Scarface room on Tier 2
  • Fixed so that players can no longer throw bags up on the roof
  • Fixed so that the butler no longer gets stuck
  • Fixed an issue where Dragan’s hands were clipping with the floor when he was doing push ups
  • Fixed so that Bonnie is no longer floating when she is next to the roulette wheel
  • Fixed a hole in wall between Sokol and Bodhi’s rooms

Panic Room

  • Fixed an issue where one sniper could end up in a position where the player could not kill him

Scarface Mansion

  • Fixed a portal issue inside of the mansion
  • Fixed the HP of the Scarface boss

The Diamond

  • Fixed an exploit where 3 players could stand in one spot and let 1 player do the objectives without enemies
  • Fixed a floating camera

  • Fix incorrect ammo & stability values with akimbo skill and hitman perk deck

  • Fixed the icon for the "Spacegoat" skin for the Kross Vertex
  • Fixed an issue with the Santa’s Helper skin on the Lebensauger
  • Fixed both barrels and the extra mag for Barbwire skin for Chimano 88 Pistol
  • Fixed so that the Donald compensator changes color depending on the skin being used
  • Fixed some issues with the color of the Flying Pelican Skin

  • Fixed an issue with the RPG rockets sometimes not being accurate for clients

Via: Steam Community

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