June 8 2017 - 5:34 pm

PAYDAY 2: Desync Fix Preparation

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What’s good Heisters?

Today’s update is about fixing some smaller issues and preparing the game for our beta update tomorrow where we will release the long awaited Desync Fix!

Desync Fix Beta

Promised during the "Search for Kento" and #StarStream17, we are eager to announce that tomorrow we will release the Desync Fix to beta. But if you think we stopped after working out a new networking model, you guessed wrong! Together with the Desync Fix we will release a new set of 3rd person animations for cops and player characters, new weapon switch animations, new animations for Bullpup and Uzi styled weapons as well as new reload animations for shell fed weapons! For our stealth heisters out there, clients can now launch enemies using shotguns like only the host could do until now. One more big change we’d like to mention is that from now on snipers can only fire while standing still and not while moving into setup position like they used to do before. More information about the Update can be found the dedicated Desync Beta Sub-Forum which will open its gates after the update tomorrow!

Stay tuned,

Update 147 changelog

Update size: 180,1 Mb

  • Added a back button to the loading screen toggle menu
  • Fixed some graphical issues with John Wicks neck
  • Fixed an issue when using the default mask on three AI in crew management
  • The "Equipped" text for the armor that is equipped will now be localized
  • Fixed so that AI have the correct masks for drop in clients
  • Fixed some spelling issues with the Sociopath perk deck
  • Fixed the description of the sneaky perk
  • Beneath The Mountain – Fixed some floating and clipping issues
  • Beneath The Mountain – Fixed so that converted cops gets removed after you ride the zip-line
  • Beneath The Mountain – Fixed so you can’t get stuck behind a car in the tunnel down by the vaults
  • Framing Frame – Fixed an issue where the third AI would not stand properly in the train on day 2
  • Prison Nightmare – Fixed so that you can no longer get an infinite amount of key cards when interacting with the control panel

Via: Steam Community

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