September 25 2017 - 5:38 pm

Word from Overkill_joakim

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It was a while since i posted but I’m still here pushing out content and living life,
this time of the year is usually a very exciting time, games get released, payday usually have a nice event and RAID is releasing in less then 24hrs.


I have spent the last 10 days down here in Zagreb at LGL HQ with the team and it has been exciting times since the Beta.
The team has pushed through a lot of changes and updates and the games have improved a lot!
Releasing a game is one of the coolest thing a developer ever goes through in his career, and down here you can almost touch the atmosphere. Its an honor to have been invited to test out the game and be down here with the guys.


In the meantime i couldn’t stand having Almir in the office anymore so me and the guys shambled together some money and sent him overseas to Ethan Klein to do a H3H3 podcast tomorrow, he will be talking there about Payday and its upcoming future and also talk about the release of RAID.


The LGL team will have a stream now at 18:00 CET make sure to check it out. It will be Ilija talking about new maps you haven’t seen, changes since the beta, we do some Q&A, and we have a special guest, Connor Shaw, seasoned streamer and youtuber. Watch it here[]


Remember if you want to get the preorder items for Raid you have less then 24hrs to get it!
Get it here

And what is the next mask you want, My beard or Almirs face ?
You know the answer..


Via: Steam Community

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