November 17 2017 - 6:01 pm

PAYDAY 2: VR beta 1.1 Hotfix and Stream

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Beta 1.1 Hotfix update

The VR was released yesterday but we are not done yet. There is much to improve and iterate on.

Oculus Support Update

As we keep looking at proper Oculus support, we start out with fixing so that the game can recognize a controller with a joysticks as well as a controller with a touchpad which will enable the Oculus Touch controllers to appear in game.
The game does still require a room scale setup so Oculus players are recommended to use three sensors and touch controllers to be able to play properly.


We apologize for the technical issues we had during the stream today as me and Jules played PAYDAY 2 VR with members of our QA team. Thank you all that tuned in and kept up the good mood in the chat. The stream can be found here:

It all feels so real, I should really not try to rob a bank.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

VR Beta 1.1 Update Changelog

Update sizes:
Main Branch to Beta 1.1 – 141.3 mb
Beta 1.0 to Beta 1.1 – 69.6 mb

    Oculus Rift

  • Added support for joystick style controllers

    Crashes and Blockers

  • Fixed a crash related to the 5/7 Pistol and the Contractor Pistol
  • Disabled the ability to skip into for VR to prevent player for getting stuck in infinite loading
  • Fixed a crash related to getting tazed with while carrying a bag


  • Fixed an issue where VR players could not shout at teammates through walls
  • Fixed an issue where the sound would get stuck if shooting with a automatic weapon while interacting
  • Fixed an exploit where VR players could move away from objects they were interacting with
  • Fixed an issue that prevented movement in the Main Menu room after playing a few heists
  • Fixed an exploit for VR players where the automatic reload system would trigger during an interaction

VR Beta 1.01 Update Changelog

Yesterday a small hotfix was put live without an announcement or change log, this is what was changed.

  • Fixed a crash when shouting at a teammate while downed by a cloaker or tazer
  • Menu laser pointer was adjusted to be correctly aligned
  • Removed storyline button from lobby screen

Via: Steam Community

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