December 24 2017 - 6:26 pm

PAYDAY2: Update 169.2 – One More Present

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Happy Holidays PAYDAY Players!

Here’s something that’s kinda small.
But with it you will we have a ball.
It’ll make a real loud bang.
Greetings from the PAYDAY gang.

Compact 40mm Grenade Launcher

A compact secondary grenade launcher equipable at a low level and perfect for clearing a room.
Unlocks at level 20.

Magazine 1
Total Ammo 6
Rate of Fire 30
Damage 1300
Accuracy 84
Stability 84
Concealment 22
Threat 37
Reload Time 3.1

Snow, Bullets and Booms makes the Holidays.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update sizes:
Update 169.2: 15,5MB
Update 169.2 to VR Beta 1.52: 94.3MB
Update VR Beta 1.52: 23.2MB

Update 169.2 and VR Beta 1.52 Changelog


  • Added the Compact 40mm Grenade Launcher

Via: Steam Community

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