March 29 2018 - 4:25 pm

PAYDAY 2: Update 175

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Today we are going live with some general fixes, and tweaks for PAYDAY 2: VR. This also includes changes to “how the VR DLC is activated”.

The PAYDAY 2: VR DLC will now be activated or deactivated automatically depending on if SteamVR is installed or not when running the game. This mean, if you are a PC player and you don’t own a VR Headset, the game will automatically deactivate the PAYDAY 2: VR DLC for you. Once the DLC is deactivated you will no longer get the launch options pop-up.

If you buy a VR Headset at a later date, the game will automatically activate the PAYDAY 2: VR DLC for you after the first startup.

It’s Heisting Time.
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Update 175 Changelog

Update size: 70.2 MB


  • Fixed a crash when multiple players try to join in on the same player slot in a lobby when the one down modifier is active
  • Fixed a visual issue with Jimmy’s hair
  • Fixed an issue with the Deagle compensator "La femme" that caused an offset of the effect when firing
  • Updated the visuals of the Pistol Crossbow


  • Added automatic installation/uninstallation of the PAYDAY 2: VR DLC depending on if SteamVR is installed or not
  • Activated the comfort screen toggle for the freefall/parachute state
  • Added animations for the commando 101
  • Added shell ejection effect for the judge
  • A parachute unit will now spawn above the player when entering the parachute state
  • Fixed an issue where direct movement would interfere with some menus
  • Fixed an issue where using the grip buttons would not back out of the interface menus
  • Fixed an issue where the hands would slide away when driving up a hill
  • Fixed an animation issue on the Cavity Rifle when interacting
  • Potential crash fix for drop-in VR players
  • Added speed up button on success screens
  • Fixed subtitles for VR players
  • Fixed some issues with melee offset for the left hand
  • Fixed an issue where you could mark enemies through walls in VR
  • Fixed an issue when switching between surveillance cameras
  • Removed player character from the safe scene in VR
  • Fixed an issue where lasers and flashlights did not sync properly between host and clients
  • Fixed an issue where the Safe House Raid wave number would be out of sync from desktop
  • Fixed an issue with the Deagle compensator that caused the weapon to not shoot straight

Via: Steam Community

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