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PAYDAY: The Animated Series – Pre-Order

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We NOW bring you the latest and greatest in Heisting Entertainment. The PAYDAY Gang comes to VHS and Betamax. For a low price, you won’t believe, you can be the proud owner of the Ultimate Collection of Quality Home Entertainment.

Join the PAYDAY crew on their wild and crazy adventures across the underworld of Washington D.C.! 10 episodes across 4 tapes. Experience the fun of robbery and meth cooking; you too can be a heister!

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OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: Ridiculously Big

Update 4118 Changelog

01000011 01101111 01100100 01100101

  • Fixed a crash that happened at the wrong time
  • Added a bug to the game
  • Added IRL Death function – If you die in VR, you’ll now die in real life
  • Cash collected while playing in VR will now transfer to your real life bank account
  • The programmers did some stuff, we’re not sure what, and at this point, we’re too afraid to ask
  • Removed 1 byte of unused files
  • Change the value for enemies_power from 1 to over 9000
  • Rebind the “throw grenade” button to spacebar during stealth heists
  • Activated debug options

Good Guys

  • Dallas is no longer allowed to interact with Doctor Bags
  • Sent Jimmy to rehab, he will be back with the next patch
  • Changed the smell of Jiro to lavender
  • Houston and Hoxton have swapped backstories due to popular demand
  • Added the wig from PAYDAY 2: Web series to Wolfs model

Bad Guys

  • Tasers will now set mouse sensitivity to a random value
  • Shields will no longer guard other enemies unless asked nicely
  • Added a 1.3% change for enemy snipers to fire rockets
  • Added 6002% speed boosts to all cloakers
  • Reinflated all punctured Bulldozer armors
  • Added an apology to Captain Winters for being mean to him

Face Hats

  • Added four masks that looks just like some other masks, sort of
  • Added the "Almir clean shaved Beard" mask to the game

Game-fun Tweaks

  • Added Battle Royale mode
  • Added Tower Defense modifier
  • Increased game balance to about 15%
  • All blood in the game has been changed to yellow
  • When enemies are defeated, they’ll now lie down on the ground and surrender
  • Removed a bug where the community would sometimes state that the game is dying
  • Instead of playing PAYDAY 2 the player can choose to "let the crew handle it"
  • A drill can now be placed on an already existing drill to speed up the process. This process can be repeated and each consequent drill is two times louder.
  • Rewards are no longer shared, only the first player to escape gets the loot
  • Friendly fire is now enabled when the escape zone triggers
  • Whenever a Cloaker kicks the player, that player is instantly kicked from the game
  • Removed Jump action
  • Steam posts now give in-game cash


  • Removed THE SECRET from the game due to nobody finding it within the time-limit
  • Fixed a leak in the roof of the safehouse to leak correctly
  • Refilled all wine bottles in Mallcrasher heist
  • Repaired bullet holes in the safehouse
  • Added one more cassette tape to Jackets collection
  • Hoxton’s support hamster can now be found in the safehouse
  • Big Bank has been shut down due to insurance issues
  • Moved the FBI office closer to the Safe House for faster Raids
  • The Safe House will now serve donuts since there are more cops than anywhere else in the city
  • Cleaned up Burnout marks from the Meltdown heist
  • Changed the sky color in bank tellers daydreams
  • Moved all NPCs 4.3 cm to the left


  • "Donacdum" was remastered and is now called "Do act dumb"
  • Added custom voice lines for players wearing the fedora mask, ‘M’Lady’ will replace the ‘get down’ VO
  • Cloakers will now scream like pterodactyls on fire
  • Removed VO line that revealed Dukes real name
  • Added additional Doctor Bag voice lines for Dallas
  • Re-added the "one" voice line for John Wick
  • Sound and music are now permanently set to MAX
  • Added a super catchy song that will render all other songs obsolete
  • Duke will now constantly give historical anecdotes during heists
  • "WAKEY WAKEY LITTLE BABY" will now be used for all Bulldozer actions

Pew Pews

  • All weapon but Car-4 has been removed to address game balance issues
  • New ammo type for all Assault Rifles – Blanks, blanks deal no damage and serve no purpose
  • Removed the ability to sprint while holding a weapon (Can’t be too careful, right?)
  • Made all Melee weapons deal 5% more damage when facing North
  • Added “Loudeners” to all weapons that are able to equip “Silencers”
  • Pink weapon skins now give 10% more damage

Pixel Stuff

  • Added a 5% chance that computers start playing cat videos while getting hacked
  • Readded a spelling error that was removed by mistake
  • Added underwear to all heisters and cops (might cause lag on low-end PC)
  • Added hint to the secret in the lower-right of the Brooklyn bank vault texture normal map
  • Unintentionally added additional textures
  • Added butter to Almir’s Toast
  • Added a "Cinematic" option – Makes the game run at 24 FPS with film grain

Good luck finding what we really added ;)

Via: Steam Community

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