March 3 2020 - 2:56 pm

PAYDAY 2: Cartel Business Update – Hotfix

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Hello heisters!

Last week we released the Cartel Business Update with a new Bank for you to break into. Since then we have been working to fix some of the bugs the crept into the release. In the hotfix today we are releasing fixes for Jacket’s Piece in when using the new weapon color system, Bonnie and Ethan turning invisible when using the raincoats and the bank lobby disappearing if you were standing in a particular spot in the level.

But we are, on top of the hotfix, activating two new language options:

日本語 and 中文

We are very happy to announce that we now have PAYDAY 2 available in two new languages with increased support for our friends in the east. Japanese and Chinese language support is now available and can be activated from the “properties” of the game in your Steam library.

To find this setting right-click on the game and at the bottom of the popup menu you will find “properties”. In the window that appears open the tab “language” and here you can choose the language you want to play the game in.

As always our localizations are made by fans that volunteer their efforts to translate the game and as with all other languages, it is a constant and never-ending work in progress. But we are incredibly lucky to be able to say that the language translations are complete.

We want to extend a massive thank you to Riki7119 for the work on bringing the Japanese translations to a fully translated state. We also want to thank Rico.Se7en, Roka0221, and cyscjackson for working on the Chinese translations and an extra thank you to the PDLG fan group for the work on the 《收获日2》PDLG汉化 mod that was used as the base for the localization. Without all of these people, releasing these languages would have taken a lot longer.

If you are interested in the localization of the game we have a separate forum where our translators jump in from now and then.

Keep those helmets flying.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 199 Mark II.B

Update size: 27.8MB

  • Added “stealth is an option” and a stealth bonus to the San Martín Bank Heist
  • Fixed an issue on the San Martín Bank Heist, that caused the civilian behind the mechanic shop to have problems detecting the player
  • Fixed an issue on the San Martín Bank Heist, that caused the Janitor to teleport between the two backside rooms
  • Fixed an issue on the San Martín Bank Heist, that caused the guard on the roof to act unpredictably
  • Fixed an issue on the San Martín Bank Heist, where converted cops could interrupt the drills
  • Fixed an issue on the San Martín Bank Heist where if you stood in a particular spot outside the bank parts of the lobby would disappear
  • Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank Heist where part of a wall would be visible inside the vault
  • Fixed an issue where the raincoats from Greenbridge would make Bonnie and Ethan invisible if equipped
  • Fixed an issue when applying a custom weapon color to Jacket’s Piece while having the “80’s calling” mod equipped
  • Fixed an issue with Bernetti Auto Pistol, Czech 92 Pistol and Igor Automatik Pistol where you could not apply the Immortal Python weapon skin
  • Fixed an issue with Bernetti Auto Pistol and Czech 92 Pistol when aiming down sight while having the Scrubs outfit equipped

Via: Steam Community

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