June 30 2020 - 3:20 pm

PAYDAY 2: Family Matters Update

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Hello Heisters!

As the sun beams down over Mexico our heisters load their rifles, polish their armors, and reline their masks. Something is about to go down. With this update we got lots of fun guns, cool weapon colors and… *drum roll*… Gloves.

Vlad needs a favor, again

The last heist went smoothly but there is one teeny tiny detail we need to sort out.
Vlad’s brother-in-law got himself into a bit of trouble. Who better to sort this situation out than… you guys. While we are still in Mexico we can take the time to break in or sneak into a police station, right? It will be easy, right?

I love it when a weapon loadout comes together

When you have thirty seconds to pick up your weapons before you open fire, it’s good to have a lot of bang at your disposal. With this new pack you’ll have 3 new awesome guns to wreak some havoc with and plenty of mods to tweak the guns just the way you like them. With these guns you and your friends can become a team of true professional badasses.

Hand Suits

With recent updates you have been able to choose between lots of snazzy outfits but some may have missed the old classic blue gloves when using the new outfits or perhaps you wanted to use the awesome gloves from one outfit while wearing a different outfit. Now you can freely pick and choose what gloves you wear. There are also 5 brand new gloves that you can use. These are completely free and can be used with any outfit you want. You will not be lacking choices when it comes to hand covers.

Weapon Camos

Do you think your weapon isn’t military looking enough? Now you can slap some camo patterns on it and really blend into the lush foliage of downtown Washington. Choose between savannah camo, tundra camo, tiger stripes, leopard spots or even Fuschia skulls. Whatever tickles your fancy this pack will have something for you. You will also have some camo patterns available for free or through achievements to get you started. Just don’t put your gun down, you may never find it again.

You can read more about the update and see some nice preview images on our website: Update 199.5 Site[pd2.link]
Heisters are like family, we look out for our own.

OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 199.5 Changelog

Update size: 833.8Mb


  • Increased weapon angle for previewing weapons in the inventory
  • Added chat to the inventory screen
  • Added colorblind mode for the hurt indicator
  • Fixed an issue with cut off text when buying a heist on Death Wish or Death Sentence in Japanese


  • Fixed an issue where players could stand on top of the hostage on some holdout levels
  • Fixed several navigation issues in the San Martín Bank heist
  • Fixed a graphical issue with one of the cops at the start of the level in the San Martín Bank heist
  • Fixed a navigation issue where AI would walk through the escape van in the Jewelry Store heist
  • Fixed an issue where a civilian could detect the player without having a line of sight on the Breakin’ Feds
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would be climbing between the different floors on the Diamond Heist
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the shadows near the escape on the Undercover heist

Updates may be incompatible with the mods you may have installed. Even seemingly unrelated mods may cause unexpected issues.

If you are experiencing any issues with the game; try removing any mods you may have installed and try again.

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