February 24 2021 - 3:02 pm

PAYDAY 2: City of Gold – Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack

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Hello Heisters!

We are gearing up for new adventures in 2021, new heists, guns and much more are coming to the game this year, and we start off with a weapon and weapon color pack. Jiu Feng has a shipment of guns coming into port right now and you are the first one to get the offer.

Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack

San Francisco, a port that bridges between the east and the west and the home turf of the smuggler Jiu Feng. He brings a brand new DLC with lots of contraband that reflect this duality. He starts off his offer with 3 new weapons. The Mosconi 12G Tactical Shotgun, a powerful weapon when used up close and personal against any ill-advised opponent. The AK Gen 21 Tactical Submachine gun, one or two firearms, perfect firearm handling escalating situations abruptly and with a barrage of bullets. The Crosskill Chunky Compact Pistol one or two little get-out-of-trouble free cards to keep in your sleeve when the cops are after you and the neighbourhood is starting to look unfriendly.

However Jiu Feng is a business man and he knows a good business deal starts with a good offer so he brings even more to the table. 20 new weapon colors that take inspiration from both sides of the great ocean. He even has one extra weapon color for you that you will be able to try out right away for free.

Visit the Steam store to pick up the Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack DLC.[pd2.link]

Infamy 3.1

We are adding rewards for infamy rank 66 to 81. We are also combining some rewards for these ranks. Weapon colors and heist join stingers will be rewarded together on the same rank. The Suit variants, Gloves and Masks will have their own ranks. Among these rewards, 4 color variants for a new suit design will be available to unlock.

Upcoming Gameplay Changes

We are gonna look deeper into the gameplay experience this year. First thing is tweaking gunplay a bit, we are gonna release an open beta soon, date to be announced in an upcoming announcement and on our twitter. We will invite all our heisters to take part and leave feedback. You will, of course, be able to use your new guns in the beta as well.

You can read more about the update and the DLC as well as see some nice preview images on our website: City of Gold – Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack[pd2.link]

One can not heist on an empty stomach so I stole a sandwich from the lunch room.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 203 Changelog

Update size: 463.6MB


  • Fixed an issue on The Alesso Heist and it’s Holdout variant that allowed the player to see through a wall next to the vault room.
  • Fixed an issue on Birth of Sky that allowed a player to get stuck between the parachute box and the plane fuselage.
  • Fixed an issue on Birth of Sky where a drop-in client could get stuck in the free falling animation.
  • Fixed a crash on Breakfast in Tijuana that could occur when a Taser targeted a player near the escape vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue on Buluc’s Mansion where loot bags, that missed the helicopter and fell out of bounds, would return as a different loot bag or not return at all.
  • Fixed an issue on Buluc’s Mansion where Crew AI could spawn inside each other at the beginning of the level.
  • Fixed a crash on Cursed Kill Room that could occur when restarting the level.
  • Fixed an issue on Diamond Heist where a player could get stuck between a small table and chair in one of the offices.
  • Fixed an issue on Hell’s Island where the player could fall out of bounds in a specific area under the bridge.
  • Fixed an issue on Hoxton Revenge where a player could get stuck between a small table and a lamp near the kitchen.
  • Fixed an issue on Park Escape where throwing a painting in a specific area on the stairs near the statue could cause it to fall out of bounds.
  • Fixed an incorrect spelling in the description text of an objective on Rats day 2.
  • Fixed an issue on The Biker Heist day 2 where players could stay inside the helicopter and fall out of bounds.
  • Fixed an issue on The Bomb: Dockyard where crew AI could get stuck in a continuous dying loop.
  • Fixed an issue on The White House that allowed a guard to ragdoll into an corridor area unreachable by the player, prohibiting them from answering the pager.
  • Fixed an issue on The Yacht Heist that allowed the player to get stuck behind a food cart on upper deck 1.


  • Fixed an issue where the "President for a Day" achievement could not be unlocked with "The 46th" mask.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the "Molten" gloves.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the "Calling" gloves.
  • Fixed descriptions on certain weapon skins to give more clarity on how they are obtained.
  • Added missing DLC information to the Gas Dispenser throwable.
  • Updated the description for the "I Got This" trophy to give more clarity on the unlock conditions.
  • Changed a telephone number on a graphical asset to a non-existant number.

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