February 25 2021 - 4:14 pm

PAYDAY 2: City of Gold – Update 203.1

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Hello Heisters!

Yesterday we kicked off the City of Gold campaign for PAYDAY 2. The release of the Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack. have gotten good feedback so far and we are happy to see people jumping in and enjoying the content.

There were a few things that slipped through the cracks that we wanted to address with today’s hotfix. Among others some issues with the AK Gen 21 and the Mosconi Tactical not having access to all sights that they were supposed to have and the AK5 having the wrong ADS state.

Upcoming Beta

In the previous announcement we also talked about an upcoming beta but it seems like the update contained unintended sneak previews of the changes to come. We have more plans for the beta so stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on steam and on our Twitter https://twitter.com/PAYDAYGame for more information soon.

Rather than reverting these changes only to add them back in the beta, we let them stay as is. The changes that were included in the build yesterday will be listed below.

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Update 203.1 Changelog

Update size: 18.2MB


  • Fixed the yellow link in the main menu where it was displaying the wrong DLC name.
  • Fixed the aim down sight on the AK5 rifle so that is uses the sight
  • Fixed so that the Mosconi Tactical Shotgun uses the correct lineup of sights
  • Fixed so that the AK Gen 21Submachine Gun uses the correct lineup of sights
  • Fixed that Akimbo AK Gen 21 Submachine Guns can equip grips
  • Fixed a graphical issue with The Unimatrix when using a pistol
  • Fixed so that the Mosconi 12G Tactical Shotgun has the correct icon in the VR tool belt.

Weapon Stats

    Chimano 88 Pistol:

    • Rate of Fire increased to 600 (from 480)
    • Damage increased to 37 (from 35)

    AMR-16 Assault Rifle

    • Ammo pickup increased to 2.7 – 4.95 (from 0.9 – 3.15)

    Mark 10 Submachine Gun

    • Weapon kick changed to 0.7/1/-0.5/0.5 (from -1.2/1.2/-1/1)

    Bronco .44 Revolver

    • Rate of Fire increased to 480 (from 361)

    Akimbo Compact-5 Submachine Guns

    • Total Ammo increased to 300 (from 240)
    • Ammo pickup increased to 3 – 10.5 (from 2.4 – 8.4)

    Contractor .308 Sniper Rifle

    • Rate of Fire increased to 200 (from 150)
    • Weapon kick changed to 2/3/-0.3/0.3 (from 2/3.8/-0.3/0.3)
    • Damage increased to 200 (from 160)

    Grom Sniper Rifle

    • Weapon kick changed to 2/3/-0.3/0.3 (from 2/3.8/-0.3/0.3)

    Akimbo MP40 Submachine Guns

    • Total ammo increased to 160 (from 80)
    • Ammo pickup increased to 1.6 – 5.6 (from 0.8 – 2.8)

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