November 24, 2021 3:01 pm
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Hello Heisters!

We got a new release for you all about cosmetics. We are bringing you updates to Infamy, not only the rewards for Infamy rank 100. Some of the lower ranks are also getting a few extra goodies to unlock. And a new addition is also dropping into the game, Starbreeze Account, with some interesting new cosmetic unlocks.

Check them out below.

Infamy 3.3

We are releasing the long-awaited Infamy 100 rewards, a full heisting set up for those that are mad enough to take on this incredible feat of crime. These are the ones that are worthy of this full set of absolute terror to every cop around.

Strap into the “Boardroom Havoc” suit with the “Vile Carny” mask to cover your face. Hang the “Red Drop” weapon charm from your gun painted in the “Chromatic Break” weapon color. And finish the look with the “Digital Pistons” gloves, now you are ready for whatever heat is around the corner.

As you make your way to Infamy rank 100 there are also new rewards to unlock on your path up the ranks. Three weapon charms “Handy Blunderbuss”, “Ben’s Toast”, and “Ancient Peak” have been added to the ranks 44, 54, and 64 respectively. There are also four weapon colors “Dead Rust”, “Splintered”, “Liquid Geode”, and “Line Phased” which have been added to ranks 33, 43, 53, and 63 respectively. If you already passed the associated levels you have access to the rewards right away.

Visit What is infamy?[] to find out more.

Boardroom Havoc, Vile Carny, and Digital Pistons

Starbreeze Account

We have launched our new Player Services Platform – Starbreeze Accounts. To create an account, go into the options menu in the game and click the “Link Starbreeze Account” button. You can also create an account by going to Linking your account will also unlock additional items in PAYDAY 2.

Creating a Starbreeze Account is completely optional.

By linking your Starbreeze Account to your Steam account you will unlock the “Discerning Dandy” suit, “Frayed Harvest” mask, “Spike & Bone” weapon charm and the “Frequency” weapon color to kit out your heister. Creating the account will unlock more cool rewards in the future, together with other features that will improve your experience with Starbreeze games. Read more about Starbreeze Accounts here[].

Item unlocks are currently not yet available in the VR or SteamOS versions of the game.

Discerning Dandy, Frayed Harvest, Spike & Bone, and Frequency

Let’s Get Infamous!
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 215 Changelog

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