June 1 2022 - 3:10 pm

PAYDAY 2: Infamy 4.0 – A new way to rank up!

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Hello Heisters!

In today’s meta update we focus on experience and Infamy. We are adding a new way to rank up Infamy. If you are one of those that wanted to go infamous but have been hesitating to reset your profile to level 0, this is the system for you. The ‘old’ Infamy system is still available, meaning you can still choose to reset your level to 0 and gain a level of Infamy if you so choose.

Infamy 4.0

You will now be able to gain progression towards the next Infamy without resetting your level or resetting your skills, however, it will be slower than normal progression.

The cost of a rank via the Infamy pool will be 30 million XP instead of the 23 million it would be if you used the regular reputation reset system to go infamous. This means that if you don’t reset, you’ll have to work harder in exchange for keeping your gear and skills.

The first 5 ranks of Infamy will still cost $200,000,000 no matter which system you use.

The new system will exist in conjunction with the old, whether you chose to reset your reputation level or not, we hope to see you rise through the ranks to the great heights where you belong.

XP Buffs

We have gone over a few heists, searching for ones where securing loot bags would only grant cash and not XP. On the following heists; Border Crossing, San Martín Bank, Shacklethorne Auction, Yacht Heist, Nightclub, Firestarter (day 2), and all Transport heists except the train, will now grant XP for each loot bag you secure. Border Crossing will give 500XP per loot bag on Normal, and the others will give 1000XP. Yacht Heist will give 500XP per additional bag after the mandatory ones have been secured. These values will then increase if the heist is played on higher difficulties.

The entire PAYDAY 2 community has gained a total of 19,645,690 ranks of Infamy – we salute you!
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 222 Changelog

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