October 18 2022 - 3:00 pm

PAYDAY 2: 11th Anniversary

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Happy 11th PAYDAY anniversary heisters! If PAYDAY was a person, it’d be able to vote, have a beer or drive… ok, maybe not any of those, but certainly old enough to take part in armed robbery!

We’re thrilled to yet again have you with us as we celebrate another year of PAYDAY. While 11 years isn’t the most well celebrated anniversary, we still feel you’ve been good at being bad this year and deserve a little something.
When preparing for this celebration, we asked ourselves, what or who aside from PAYDAY personifies crime? Our minds were brought back to the gangster era of 1920’s USA and all the great stories that were born there. To that end, we put together a very special outfit, two masks and a stinger reminiscent of one of the world’s most known and (beloved?) criminal masterminds, for you, our favorite crooks.

To claim the items you need to have a Starbreeze Account linked to your Steam account, if you don’t already have a Starbreeze Account you can sign up here[nebula.starbreeze.com].

In addition to the freebies we also got an absolutely massive changelog of various fixes and changes, you can check those out here.

Lastly, we stream on most Thursdays from 17:00 CEST(GMT+1). This week we’re hosting special anniversary stream playing PAYDAY: The Heist, feel free to stop by our Twitch Channel[www.twitch.tv].!

Keep those helmets flying!

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