October 14 2022 - 5:55 pm

PAYDAY 2: Lost in Transit heist delay

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Hello Heisters,

We hope the autumn season is treating you well and that the skeletons in your closet have yet to find their trumpets, keeping you awake with their incessant dooting.

Today’s announcement isn’t about skeletons or pumpkins though, it’s about the Lost in Transit heist being delayed. Though first planned for October 19th, we’ve made a promise to ourselves that if we feel the content needs to be delayed for the sake of quality, we’ll delay it.

The level is looking good already, but we have more bugs than we’d like still roaming around the heist than we’d feel comfortable releasing with. The new release date for the Lost in Transit Heist will be the 25th of October.

We hope you’ll have patience as we politely ask those pesky bugs to get lost… In transit.

Keep those barrels doot’n

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