October 31 2022 - 3:02 pm

PAYDAY 2: Update 230 – Ghastly Halloween Stream!

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Happy scary-day heisters!

A solid three updates in a single month each with new content, what’s going on here? Who are we and what did we do with the good people at OVERKILL? Well the crew is safe and this is just your lucky month. You’ve just been good this year and we wanted to give you something special yet again.

We’re releasing three new outfits that you can use to show enemies and innocent bystanders alike the true meaning of fear! … I mean, I guess gunfire and excessive violence would do that just fine… In any case, you are getting brand new outfits, a whole 3 outfits including suits, masks and gloves. And a pair of "non-descript" glasses.

To claim these items, all you need to do is to watch a stream! Ideally ours, starting (live now!). You’ll also need a Starbreeze Account connected to Twitch and Steam. If you can’t make it to our Horrifying Halloween stream, just watch any participating PAYDAY 2 streamer in the week that follows.

Keep those helmets flying!
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

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