December 15 2022 - 4:52 pm

PAYDAY 2: McShay Mod Pack and Holiday Event update!

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Happy Heister Holiday!

Ho, ho, hold your hands up, this is a robbery! Yes dear heisters, the holiday season is upon us yet again. It’s the time for family, gifts and of course, heisting.

We’re releasing the second DLC of the Hostile Takeover Bundle, the McShay Mod Pack. Containing a plethora of new weapon mods, a new throwable, and for the first time in a while, a deployable in the form of the Ordnance Bag, lending you some flexibility in resupplying your throwables.

But we’re not done yet! As we’ve done seasons past, we’re putting forth a challenge for you, our intrepid heisters, to work together during the holiday season while our little elves reload their sidearms and get ready for the year to come.

Did we mention you can unlock a free new Perk Deck?

McShay Mod Pack
The McShay Mod Pack contains a ton of new mods and heisting equipment. Most mods released are compatible with multiple weapons. The throwable Adhesive Grenade will let you throw grenades that stick to the environment or even directly to enemies, blasting your way through any sticky situation.The Ordnance Bag meanwhile will let you resupply grenades or other throwables on the move, instead of relying on luck or finding your way to the static resupply in the heat of battle.
Check it out here:

McShay Mod Pack

If the McShay Mod Pack merely serves to tickle your appetite for content, you can also look at the Hostile Takeover Bundle. The bundle contains the McShay Mod Pack, and the previously released Street Smart Tailor Pack as well as the upcoming McShay Weapon Pack 3 and Hostile Takeover Heist being released next year. Check it out here:

A Criminal Carol – Holiday Event
Santa has crashed his sled and needs our help! Those nasty cops have the audacity to try to have a good time without us. This won’t stand! If anyone’s gonna ruin the holidays, it’s gonna be us. So check your mags, and check them twice, we’ll have a slug for both naughty and nice.

This year’s event can be started from the top of the main menu. Once a difficulty is chosen and the game is running, Santa will task you with collecting presents. Once you get a present you can either keep it for yourself or sacrifice it to, ehh… the more needing? For boosts in morale for you and your entire crew. Once the whole community reaches certain milestones you’ll earn fancy new items! There are both community and personal challenges, so make sure to check the Side Job-menu in the event to see what you need to do.

You can see what items are unlocked and how far you’ve got left until the next milestone on our event website. Please note that each milestone has a community and personal goal that needs to be reached for the item to be unlocked, you can find the requirements in the side-jobs menu.
So gather your crew, load up on ammunition and help Santa fill his sled!

Important Note: We can only measure the event progression from participants who have telemetry turned on. You can turn telemetry on or off under “Options > Advanced > Telemetry”, keep it on during the event so your hard work gets counted.

Holiday Event
A free perk deck? You really must’ve been extra naughty this year heisters!
As we know, bad behavior must be rewarded, and so, we’re rounding the year off with a true treasure, a free perk deck! The new Deck, called Copycat focuses on flexibility like no other Perk Deck before it. You can choose what aspect to focus on, armor, health, dodge or stealth. In addition, choose one defining feature of another Perk Deck in order to borrow its power, whether you have access to that Deck or not. This lets you decide how to use the deck yourself, allowing you to select what fits best for your playstyle or skillset or sure up any weakness.
And of course we can’t release a new Perk Deck without giving the Perk Deck UI a bit of a facelift, so it’s easier to read and navigate.
You can also get the information about the event from our latest Developer Update, here:

Between December 15th and December 19th we’ve invited our OVERKILL Partners to join us and celebrate the holidays doing what they do best, playing PAYDAY 2. Make sure to check them out!

Don’t forget to leave out a glass of whisky and a plate of 9mm for Santa
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

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