February 1 2023 - 3:04 pm

PAYDAY 2: McShay Weapon Pack 3 – Available now!

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Hello Heisters!

We hope you’ve had a good holiday season, full of fun, relaxation and gifts… freely given or otherwise. Ultimately however, the holidays are behind us and we look forward towards the cash-green hills of the future. We have more PAYDAY coming in all shapes this year! Not only are we getting more amazing PAYDAY 2 content, but the much awaited PAYDAY 3 has finally appeared on the horizon.

McShay Weapon Pack 3

Three fantastic and unique weapons join the heister arsenal today courtesy of our Texan gun-runner Gemma McShay. Each weapon brings its unique flare to the table even before you equip one of the 3 included Exclusive Sets.

  • Aran G2 – An easily concealable high-power secondary sniper coming with a unique Exclusive Set and 6 unique mods and one scope usable with compatible weapons.
  • Rodion 3B – A triple barrel menace with a high-capacity magazine being delivered with an Exclusive Set and 6 unique mods and 5 for weapons in the AK-family.
  • Akron HC – A large caliber LMG that can be turned into a powerful DMR by a quick swap to the included long barrel, part of its 5 unique mods.


Hostile Takeover Bundle

If you’re feeling the alluring draw of McShay Weapon Pack 3, but feel like holding out for a sweeter deal, wait no further! The Hostile Takeover bundle collects 4 DLCs in one heavily discounted package. The bundle contains the McShay Weapon Pack 3, and the previously released McShay Mod Pack and Street Smart Tailor Pack as well as the upcoming and Hostile Takeover Heist being released February 22nd.

Free Content

For free this update, we’re releasing the deadly Sting Grenade. Available as underbarrel ammunition for all grenade launchers.

The Sting Grenades will function much like a shotgun round. Blasting a great number of small projectiles to shred anything in front of it. The Sting Grenades will be available for all grenade launchers, underbarrel or hand-held.

OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

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