April 1 2023 - 7:00 pm

No Introduction Necessary

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Heisters! Why wait another day to change your life of crime? From the minds of the makers of PAYDAY comes the latest and greatest of endeavors of the PAYDAY gang – PAYDAY Business Cards! Indulge in the succulent design of our newly minted, hot-of-the-presses, two dimensional cards – in 2D. These micro billboards of your infamous accomplishments are a must-have for any self-respecting heister that want to make a name for themselves in the criminal underworld.

Customize your own cards with the popular Satyr, opt in for Grazed Lettering, or why not try out the newest, Clean Getaway? These razor sharp designs and many more are available for the measly price of 10.99$ – but you have to act fast, they tend to go out of stock as soon as they are released! The price is a steal, no wonder criminals from all corners of the safe house want one.

Not convinced? Step into a meeting between the Payday gang and 2 Western colleagues and you soon will be.

Any criminal with even a duffle bag of self-respect would remember to use the #NoIntroductionNecessary hashtag to ensure other heisters can stand in awe as their inner wanker becomes more furious than it has ever been.

These are cards to go into custody for. Try one now using our patented (not really) card generator above, where you can pick your own design to share with the world. Remember heisters – there are no secrets to success, so don’t wait for the opportunity – create it. PAYDAY Business Cards – available worldwide* now! (Unless if they’re out of stock, in which case they’re not available).

5 Things You Can Do To Make Your PAYDAY Business Card More Unforgettable
– Use White as Your Card’s Background Color. Why not try Satyr?
– Don’t Include Too Much Information. You’re a criminal, remember.
– Use Your Photo – of your mask, not your face!
– Spend More on Quality. Why not spend your entire PAYDAY?
– Consider Professional Help. No, really.

*Not available in Denmark.

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