June 28 2023 - 2:45 pm

PAYDAY 2: Crude Awakening Heist release

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Hello Heisters!

We’re back in style with the last heist of the Texas Heat campaign, the Crude Awakening Heist. While the engineers are working hard of addressing the issues that followed update 237 the rest of the team has been busy finalizing the final chapter of Texas Heat. Bringing us an update full of action, gameplay, and cosmetics, not to mention one of the most unique heist tracks in PAYDAY 2.

Crude Awakening Heist
We’ve hit her friends, her facilities, and her offices, now it’s time to tip SERA over the edge. The SERA oil rig is Alice Rainey’s last hope, so we’re going to bleed it dry and then blow it all to Hell.
The Crude Awakening heist is the last heist in the Texas Heat story. Available now!

Crude Awakening Bundle
Having launched in February with the Lawless Tailor Pack, the Crude Awakening bundle marches on. The way these bundles work is we bundle up 4 DLCs at a lowered price, giving you – our most dedicated heisters a discount for picking up the bundle early.

Today’s release of the Crude Awakening Heist marks the finish of the Crude Awakening bundle as well as the Texas Heat campaign. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the bundle and the journey across Texas.

Big news for PAYDAY 3 this month, we got a gameplay trailer as well as the first dev diary episode, and something tells me we’ll see more before the month is up!

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