June 4 2023 - 10:09 am

PAYDAY 2: Summer Sun Sale!

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Summer, sunshine and skulduggery, a perfect PAYDAY treat to be sure! We do our part to make your summer all it can be, by offering massive discounts on PAYDAY 2 and most of its DLCs.

If you only want to spend a little, maybe pick up the base game of PAYDAY 2? We’re setting it on an almost silly 50% discount, making PAYDAY 2 and its massive wealth of content some of the most cost effective entertainment out there!

If that only whets your appetite however, check out the Legacy Collection, adding a whopping 35 DLCs at a 30% discount to the base game and increasing the amount of content massively!

We hear you! You already have all of that, well then check out one of the newest bundle DLCs. The Silk Road bundle is discounted by 20% and the City of Gold by 10%, starting you on the journey of seeing what we’ve been up to lately.

With that, we wish you a wonderful summer dear heisters, see you on crime.net.

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