August 16 2023 - 2:48 pm

PAYDAY 2: 10th Anniversary in-game Event Starting!

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Hello Heisters!

Can you believe PAYDAY 2 has been around for a whole 10 years? Indeed heisters, thanks to you, we’ve managed to keep delivering new PAYDAY content since 2013.
We’ve been celebrating since this Sunday when we hosted a massive 10-hour stream, we had guests, gameplay, and reminisced about the years past together with our viewers. In case you missed it, you can watch both parts of the 10-hour stream here.

Tuesday, we announced the Infamous Collection. Which is practically every PAYDAY 2 DLC currently still available in one package, for the ultimate collector! Yesterday also marked the start of a grand anniversary sale! Check it out on our store page.

The Event

Rejoice heisters! Today marks the return of the most popular porcine payday pal, the golden piggy! Whatever heister is having this fever dream must’ve eaten something horrid.

You might recognize elements of previous community events for this one, though Mr. Piggy has gone through some… improvements. Bigger, stronger, piggier!

TL;DR – defeat enemies to feed the pig, once the pig grows big enough for you, smash it, and make off with the rewards!

To explain it a bit more thoroughly… Defeating enemies will cause them to drop piggy bucks, remember to check the side-jobs to see what you can unlock and what you need to do. How you defeat enemies will affect how efficiently you gain piggy bucks, you’ll get 1 piggy buck for every:

  • 5 headshots kills
  • 10 body shot kills
  • 5 cash blaster kills
  • 1 kill with either of the two available event weapons

The piggy will then feast on the fruits of your labor! To put it simply, throw the piggy bucks into the pig to make it grow, the bigger it gets the more you’re rewarded.
The piggy will grow in up to 5 stages, each stage will grant you a random buff such as faster run speed while carrying bags, increased drill speed, or less damage taken. You can choose to get out before the piggy is full if you smash it early, your reward will depend on what stage the piggy was in, so the more you risk the more you stand to gain.

For every 3 million piggy bucks the PAYDAY 2 community collects, we’re upping the ante and providing rewards! Check out the event page to see what the community can earn!

Do note that we use telemetry in order to track the progression of this event, so if your telemetry is turned off, your contributions will not count. Check here for how to turn it on or off. The event starts today August 16th and will run until [day] August 22th

Play PAYDAY 2 to unlock items in PAYDAY 3

You ask, we deliver! We’ve been getting the question for a while now, “is there any way to show my accomplishments in PAYDAY 2 when playing PAYDAY 3”. Well, now you can!

We’ve created a list of challenges from PAYDAY 2 which will lead to rewards in PAYDAY 3. The challenges are varied but all tied to achievements. The wise heister might use the in-game achievement tracking UI located from the main menu to keep an eye on their progress.
This campaign will continue for at least a while after the launch of PAYDAY 3, so if you don’t have time to finish everything now, you may do so in the future.

There are more details of how the technical aspects will work on the event website.

Lost Tapes 4

Another lost tape is located, grab it to hear what the enemies of the Payday Gang are up to. Find the lost tapes from the crimenet side-menu.


There’s a PAYDAY 2 sale running on practically all content. The sale will extend until August 24th, check it out here:

Weekly Stream

We’re live on Twitch and YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday. We’d love to see you in chat!

Keep those helmets flying!
PAYDAY by Starbreeze Entertainment.

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