January 11 2024 - 6:00 pm

Community Update: Elisabeth and Mio discuss Upcoming Changes

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On Thursday’s Live Stream, Community Manager Elisabeth & Senior Gameplay Designer Mio walked through a summary of upcoming changes to PAYDAY 3, which you can check out in the VOD below, or scroll to the bottom for a text summary of the stream!

Upcoming Changes

These will be dropping in the next update!

Work-In-Progress Changes

These are currently being worked on and may be included in future updates:

And finally:

Check out What’s being Explored!

Text Summary

The following changes are considered ‘almost certain’ by Mio, unlikely to change but not guaranteed:

Techies were discussed first, the new enemy currently unique to Syntax Error. They’re getting some nerfs, based on feedback. No exact numbers are given, but it was stated the drone HP and damage would be lowered across all difficulties, and the Techie herself would have a longer respawn rate by 20 seconds to make her a little rarer. Exact numbers will be given in patch notes.

The R900 has an increase to armor penetration (1.3 to 2), an example given that Cutting Shot could bypass Shields, along with a damage increase.

The Mosconi gets some tweaks, such as reducing hipfire spread and pellet spread.

Skill changes, including but not limited to;

– Triage no longer consuming buffs

– Shell Shock applying on all enemies with a permanent 20% penalty applied to them

– Steady Hands and High Grain works crew-wide, with bonuses for more than one player having it.

– Disengage passively allowing free movement through Nader gas, regardless of buff already used or not.

Equipment changes, such as higher healing from medic bags (50%, up from 35%) or armor kit interaction speeds were also discussed.

Overkill difficulty is getting a small tweak to update its difficulty mid-assault rather than per wave, but this will only be on Overkill.

The following changes were more of an estimate/hypothetical, but is what Mio and the team are aiming to do based off internal testing and player feedback:

Elisabeth and Mio revealed plans for a new Tactical Drone from the Techie, ultimately trying to blind players and strip buffs for 20 seconds, or hacking player turrets (they will overheat), the Ziv and Northwest guns will be looked at next.

An overheal mechanic was discussed and explained, where you can heal ‘over’ your maximum health to a total of what your current health is, which decays over time and provides a buffer for damage in-take. It is temporary health.

The ‘Fortitude’ (name subject to change) skill tree was revealed, based about supplying the team and keeping yourself overhealed and using said overheal to endure.

Other ideas are being looked into, such as a hypothetical ‘Assassin’ skill tree that focuses on Rush and suppressed weaponry, or a two-chunk armor that can regenerate but has lower damage reduction, and the chunks need restored if broken in the first place.


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