February 23 2024 - 4:00 pm

Operation Medic Bag: Blog Update #1

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The first of many blog posts to come! We have a number of topics to bring up in these posts, we want to go into more detail on a lot of the topics we spoke on in the most recent Reddit AMA.

Today we will be talking about the learnings from our AMA as well as the upcoming update. Targeted around end of February / beginning of March, we’ll be touching upon some of the additions and fixes we’ve got lined up for our first update of 2024.

AMA Summary and moving forward

As mentioned in the AMA, the kind of updates we’ve been releasing until now have contained a great number of fixes, but haven’t been very regular.

Starting from the April update, it is our goal with Operation Medic Bag to release smaller updates but more frequently. That will not only help you see more consistent progress on the game, but will also let us do things like balance updates and critical bug fixing more frequently, as well as getting your feedback on the minutiae of each update.

From now until April, we’ll be strengthening our internal pipelines and making sure we can deliver updates more reliably and really hit those deadlines going forward.

From our perspective, the AMA went well! Many of you are positive about the plan, which is a good first step. The doubt we can see comes mostly from wanting us to deliver on what we’ve promised before singing our praises, which is very fair. We’ll use this blog to expand a bit on some of the questions that were asked and answered during the AMA.

We had a lot of questions on what the plans are for free heists coming up, and to clarify for anyone who missed it, we’ve committed to one free heist during the year in addition to the three upcoming DLCs already part of the roadmap. We hope to be able to do more during the year, but we need to be absolutely sure it doesn’t affect what we need to accomplish in Operation Medic Bag.

A few highlights from the upcoming patch

We’ve added two features to help your game look & run better on PC; support for DirectX 12 will be added in the next PAYDAY 3 update. (You’ll still be able to choose DirectX 11 via the launch option -dx11 should you for some reason prefer that).

We’re also adding Nvidia’s Scaler features such as Image Scaling Upscaler (NIS), DLAA 3.5 as well as DLSS Super Resolution 3.5. These should help anyone with a weak or a fancy GPU make the game look and run even better!

In addition to that, we’ve got several controller options such as the much requested dead zone adjustments to make controllers more customizable and feel much better to use.

Another very requested feature has been added as well: the unready function! You can now click “READY” again to… unready.

And the last thing we want to mention in this post, for all you hardcore players, we’ve added a challenge for completing Cook Off on OVERKILL and getting out with 19 perfectly cooked bags. Anyone who pulls this off will be rewarded with a unique weapon charm.

A Big List of Fixes Coming Soon

The full changelog of nitty-gritty details added in the next patch will also be available when the changes go live so you can dive into all of the fixes (300+!) and features at your leisure. More details soon!

Next Blog Topic

In the next developer blog, we’ll be going into a bit more detail about the new armor coming to the game, the Adaptive Armor. Game Director Mio will go through his thinking and motivations for the new armor type, how it works compared to the current armor and some delicious details.

Hope to see you then!

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