April 23 2024 - 3:00 pm

PAYDAY 3: Dev Update 04

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Hello Heisters!

We just released a new Dev Update detailing some of the improvements coming to PAYDAY 3 in its next update. For those who prefer reading over watching, here’s a write-up of the script!

In addition to these features, there are a number of bug fixes and other improvements as per usual. The full patch notes will be published on the day of release.


Starting off with the big one, the first version of Quickplay is now ready to be deployed. This feature will prioritize putting you with other heisters in ongoing games or lobbies, assuming their matchmaking is set to Public.
This is just the first iteration of Quickplay, we will continue improving it and work to add things like filters for playing stealth or loud, and other conditions so you can customize the type of gameplay experience you are looking for.

Merge Players into Party Post-Game

To continue the focus on heisting together, you can now choose to stay in a party with the people you just played a heist with. It’s a simple yet important feature that helps create that foundation that empowers you to build lasting relationships with like-minded heisters.
Take a chance, add a friend. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend for life? Or maybe an enemy. That’s what heisting is all about.

Skip Mission Intro

We also have another highly requested feature from our feature upvote page coming in, which is the ability to skip the mission intro flyover. In multiplayer, all players must vote to skip for it to take effect, but if you’re solo you can skip it yourself immediately.

Shock Grenade

We also have a little bit of new content for you this time, you may remember reading about our next throwable in a blog post. Well, now it’s finished and on its way to an armory near you. I’m of course talking about the Shock Grenade!

This grenade is very powerful; it’ll instantly short-circuit any zapper and kill them immediately. Likewise, shields are huge and metal, making them highly conductive, meaning their users will suffer equally catastrophic results to their zapper brothers. For everyone else, the shock will disable them for several seconds, allowing the enterprising heister to take advantage of their temporary inaction with lethal force.

The grenade sits active on the ground for a short while, making this new grenade a great crowd control option, either relieving pressure or allowing you to deal with a big pileup of enemies on your own time.


The last topic for today is maybe not as noticeable as a new grenade, but it is still worth talking about, and that is that we will be implementing fixes for the most commonly recurring crashes. About 98% of server/matchmaking crashes across all platforms were due to one of these root causes, which are now all fixed. Shoutouts to all the heisters out there submitting your crash reports, they help us identify and fix these issues and prevent them for the future.

That’s it for this update; there are a good number of bug fixes in addition to what was mentioned in this video. You’ll be able to see exactly what is in the patch notes coming out together with the update. As for the update itself, we’re aiming for a release between the last week of April and the first week of May; see you there heisters!

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