May 31 2024 - 5:00 pm

PAYDAY 3: Blog Update #15 – Unsung Heroes of Update History

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With all the stuff for Update 1.1.4 and the preparation for Boys in Blue, we haven’t had time to prepare an Operation Medic Bag Blog this week. So, instead, let’s give props to a team that has been working hard to make PAYDAY 3 look and play better.

The animation team has been absolutely nailing it lately. They saw your feedback on the lack of first-person animations and promptly started working to include them. Boom, done. Someone mentioned they missed weapon inspection animations, and a few weeks later, weapon inspection animations were done, like sorcery!

But seriously, these guys have been consistently updating their work, adjusting sneaking animations, adding a slew of new first-person animations that really lifted the sense of immersion.

Let’s look at some of the cool things the team has been working on and introduced into the game in the last couple of months. We did ask if they wanted to put their names on this blog, but they said it was a team effort involving help from most of the studio, and elected not to - such a humble team, we love them.

Since a lot of this has been released over time, it kinda snuck past, so let’s have a little look at how the animation team consisting of technical artist, animation programmer and animators work together to make PAYDAY 3 more immersive.

First up is the interaction animation pitch. Some of these were shown off in a public video that we made all fancy, but here’s a look at how it was presented internally.

We also replaced the Ammo Bag, Armor Bag, and Doctor Bag deploy animations to make them more… alive!

Next up, are weapon inspection animations. These were added recently and really help to show what nice guns the game has, good job fellas!

Again, we find ourselves in this odd world of cubes and purple. This time, we showcase running animations. The old running animations are on top, and the new ones are on the bottom.

Out of all the things that are hard to notice, this one probably tops the list. A lot of weapon enthusiasts were probably acutely aware though, when the game first launched. The heister’s trigger discipline wasn’t great. So our intrepid animators sorted that out, professional, safe, Payday Gang. Old on top and new on bottom.

One really cool aspect that shines with its absence but doesn’t get noticed easily is how different types or amounts of damage causes different reactions from the AI. The team provided two showcases, one showing low/high damage reactions and one showing how different enemies fall depending on where they’re hit.

Lastly, in our showcase, one of those small immersion things that you don’t miss until it’s absent. What happens when you hold something (like a gun) at arms length and run into a wall? Not noting… here’s how it looks.

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