December 15, 2011 6:00 pm


Features (because you asked for them)

  • Filter servers by difficulty
  • Possible for server to allow/disallow drop-in
  • Possible for server to set a reputation limit for the server. Players with lower reputation then the set value will not be abe to join.
  • Possible for server to change permission, reputation limit and allow/disallow drop-in mid game from ingame menu.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Bulldozer trying to do acrobatics such as jump over tables and crashing the game in the FW Bank.

Minor bug fixes

  • Fix for timers on devices (drill,saw and tablets) restarting on rare occasions
  • Fix for first character not being registered in chat input when chat is mapped to enter


  • Increased the difficulty of hard and OVERKILL by tweaking some AI group logic
  • Enemy AI makes decisions faster
  • Enemies pause less when travelling long distances