August 21 2012 - 6:00 pm

Patch 15 Changelog

+ + + + +
  • BIG UPDATE on SAVE GAMES. The game saves a EXTRA BACK UP locally if you allow it. This will make sure you are never reset to 0 if crash or switch of computers make you loose your save game.
  • PhysX upgrade to v3.2.1. No more “new installation” crashes or redistributable version downgrading.
  • Network optimizations.
    • From lobby to game host and clients load the lvel simultaneously instead of “server first, then clients”.
    • Faster handshaking process. Simultaneous synchronization of multiple clients.
    • Better stress handling when clients drop out and in repeatedly.
    • “loadout info” of other clients such as experience progress, chosen character,
      chosen weapons and crew bonuses become visible as soon as we become
      aware of the other client instead of after he has synchronized.
  • Grenade Launcher explosions push ragdolls. Enemies killed with the
    grenade launcher will always ragdoll and get pushed by the explosion.
  • Fix for crew bonuses not always synching correctly
  • Fix for player controller not being disabled when chatting, opening menus etc.
  • Fix for toggle chat not behaving correctly when bound to enter.
  • Fix for remapping controller by pressing mouse button.
  • Fix for level up GUI sometimes not disappearing in mission end screen (heist successful screen)
  • Added No Mercy challenges too reward achievements
  • Fixed so that the elevators in the First World Bank now open randomly
  • Fixed a bug in the Heat Street level where the AI would get stuck
  • Fixed collision issues on First World Bank, Green bridge, Undercover and No Mercy
  • Fixed the collision issue where the AI would go trough doors on No Mercy
  • Fixed the issue where the player could get thrown out of the level on No mercy
  • Fixed some issues on Green Bridge where civilians would sometimes stand on cars
  • Fixed a taser teleporting issue
  • Fixed some geometry in Undercover, bank, Counterfeit and Panic that had enemies shoot through it (Snipers in particular)
  • Fixed the T chat bug
  • Buffed up the Sentry Gun ammo and AI a bit more.
  • Added a tester achievement to test a new way of giving out achievements – u can not get it rigth now only OVERKILL devs can.

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