The Elephant acts as a middleman to facilitate a job for the PAYDAY gang and has set a meet with Dallas to talk details, but things quickly go south. Finish the job next week! - Directed by Ilya Naishuller
« Hardcore Henry is an awesome movie. When we saw what the movie director Ilya had in mind with his film, we said yes straight away. Hardcore Henry represents so many things that make PAYDAY 2 the game it is. The action, the high intensity and the rush of adrenaline all resonates perfectly with PAYDAY 2. Having the one and only Sharlto Copley become part of PAYDAY 2 with the introduction of Jimmy as a playable character is a dream come true. We in the OVERKILL crew are excited to see what the PAYDAY heisters around the world think about our newest collaboration! » - Almir Listo
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