Hostile Takeover Bundle

The Hostile Takeover Bundle takes us from the outskirts of Fort Worth to Dallas, Texas. The crew isn’t here for the famously good food or other leisurely pursuits however.

Through our contact with Gemma McShay and the trust gained over successfully completing the Midland Ranch and Lost in Transit heists. We’re finally introduced to McShay’s secretive employer, Blaine Keegan. And Keegan has a job for the Payday Gang, making life difficult for his new business rivals in Texas.

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The bundle contains the following DLCs

Tailor Pack Available Now
Mod Pack December 15th
Weapon Pack February 1st
Heist February 22nd


  • Urbanite
    • Press Play
    • Here First
    • State of Things
    • Gray Area
  • Invested
    • Nightlife
    • Rugged
    • Northside
    • Seaside
  • Rough Streets
    • Batty
    • Lock & Stock
    • Thunderbolt
    • Statement

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  • Cool Beans Green
  • Cool Beans Black
  • Agent Brown
  • Agent Black
  • Bad Cabbie
  • State Crime

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