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AR Heisting - Living the Heister Life!

PAYDAY2 GO takes your heisting fantasy from your gaming room into the real world. Feel the dry air of your local bank branch, hear the murmur from the tellers, and smell the soft perfume from the lady before you in the line as you pull your phone out and shout “THIS IS A ROBBERY! HIT THE FLOOR!” to activate your play session.

Your phone’s camera will register the environment around you and generate loot depending on several factors, such as the number of people in the bank and the color of materials around you. It will register security guards and generate in-app versions that act as enemies in the game. Combat involves aiming your phone and pressing the fire button, producing realistic gun sounds for absolute combat immersion (make sure your volume is turned up!).

As the game utilizes the actual environment around you and requires voice commands for key functions, this is the most fully realized heist immersion yet in the PAYDAY franchise.

Our advanced GPS-based matchmaking system (think of it as “Heister Tinder”) helps you quickly team up with other AR heisters near you to tackle tougher targets in a group.

Click HERE to register for the open beta now!*


*Not available in Denmark.


“No absolutely not, this could be the worst idea you idiots ever had, don’t do it.”
Our lawyers
“Yes that would absolutely make you liable”
The Police
“okay, now that's a good one”
“I don’t see what could possibly go wrong”
OVERKILL Marketing
“Pika pika”
“Why the hell would you even think this up, let alone make it?”
Some guy we screamed at in the park
“Had a blast, and some physical injuries.”
“I guess it’s fun and all. I just feel sorry for that guy who actually got shot in the leg by the cops.”
Bank employee
“Definitely an ‘At your own risk’ product here. But I gotta say, personally I LOVE it!”
Anonymous ESRB employee
“I actually thought of this first.”
Elon Fusk
“This is literally better than MiningCreator.”