12 New Weapon Mods
Speed Pull Magazine
Increases Reload Speed
About the Mod The Speed Pull Magazine increases the reload speed of the modified weapon by 100%. The Speed Pull Magazine can be added to the following weapons:

UAR Rifle - JP36 Rifle - AMCAR Rifle - AMR-16 Rifle - AK5 Rifle - Queen's Wrath Rifle - AK Rifle - AK.762 Rifle - Golden AK.762 Rifle - Kobus 90 Submachine Gun - PARA Submachine Gun - CR 805B Submachine Gun - Mark 10 Submachine Gun - Krinkov Submachine Gun - Heather Submachine Gun - Akimbo Heather Submachine Guns - Akimbo Krinkov Submachine Guns

To make it easier to see how much difference a reload speed increase make we’ve added the Reload Speed stat in the Player Inventory.
Spartan Stock (Compact-5)
Stability: 4
Enlightened Foregrip (Compact-5)
Accuracy: 4 ● Stability: 4 ● Concealment: -2
45 Degree Red-dot Sight (Sniper Rifles & Assault Rifles)
Stability: 4
Box Buddy Sight (Sniper Rifles)
Stability: 4 ● Concealment: -3
Magazine with Ameritude! (Crosskill Pistol)
Magazine: 12 ● Stability: 8 ● Concealment: -2
I want more Magazine! (Interceptor Pistol)
Magazine: 12 ● Stability: 8 ● Concealment: -2
Reconnaissance Sight
Stability: 4 ● Concealment: -3
Long Foregrip (JP36)
Accuracy: 8 ● Stability: 4 ● Concealment: -3
Original Sight (JP36)
Stability: 4
Hollow Handle (IZHMA 12G)
Concealment: 4
Short Barrel (IZHMA 12G)
Accuracy: -4 ● Stability: -4 ● Concealment: 4
Donald's Horizontal Leveller (Shotguns)
Damage: 2 ● Stability: 8 ● Concealment: -2
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The Arbiter Grenade Launcher
A Message from Gage Hey, I have something for you. Or... well I don’t yet, but I will - if you do something for me. I have weapon parts coming in, spec ops stuff, from my contacts in the army. I’m bringing the stuff in low profile, smuggled along the usual routes but split up in parts. The parts are hidden in cases in various spots. There are keys, too, hidden. You’ll need them to open the cases. If you can find and bring me the parts, I’ll be very grateful. And me being grateful, you know what that means - yes, you’ll get access to new hardware. Something out of the ordinary, believe me.

So, do we have a deal? Confirm
Unlock the Arbiter
Side Job - Mic
Unlocks - Weapon Part
- Bloody Bandana Mask
- Deep Army Green Material
- Facepaint Pattern
Side Job - Chemical Weapons
Unlocks - Weapon Part
- Batshit Crazy Mask
- Ranger Black Material
- Sight Pattern
Side Job - Open Fire
Unlocks - Weapon Part
- Dark Legion Mask
- Digital Camo Mask
- Bullets Pattern
Side Job - War of Oil
Unlocks - Weapon Part
- A.W.O.L. Mask
- Stripes Material
- Midnight Camo Pattern
You need the 4 Weapon Parts to unlock the Arbiter in your Inventory
Batshit Crazy
Bloody Bandana
Dark Legion
Batshit Crazy

Somehow bending the laws of physics, the special unit of the WPD nicknamed the "Cloaker" is the bane of every bad guy trying to prove they can do things on their own. The first Cloaker is rumored to just have been a regular SWAT officer who nobody wanted to team up with. Might be because he was a fucked up killing machine with kung fu-kicks and bullets flying everywhere around him. He used excessive force almost always and left any combat tactic behind together with his unit. But he produced results, so the brass kept him on and made him train like minded individuals.


Highly classified reports mentions this soldier from an elite special operations force. Engaged in high profile military operations and on constant alert, he was living his life under extreme pressure and constant adrenaline highs. During a sensitive strategic operation, the evidence suggest that he turned on his own unit. But no one knows certain, since the massacre left no witnesses. The soldier went A.W.O.L. and has not been seen since that day.

Bloody Bandana

The identity of the soldier that wore this red headband is classified information. Leaked reports speak of a war veteran and former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier that was an expert in guerrilla tactics. His military comrades described him as tough, reckless and over the top aggressive. Based on how many high-ranking officers he tracked down and slaughtered, he may have major problem with authorities...

Dark Legion

He did not exist, not officially. Not since he came aboard ZEAL, the top-secret strike force. He was always the last resort, deployed when extreme violence was needed. He never held back. For every operation, he lost a bit of his humanity. For every operation, he gained an edge as an instrument of death. He did not separate right from wrong, not anymore. Only obeyed the orders from above. Just one shadow in the dark legion of secret super soldiers. One day, he woke up and could only think of killing others. He had finally found his true purpose.

Patterns & Materials
Ducking Awesome Get 3 headshot kills with 1 shot from any Shotgun using the Donald's Horizontal Leveller barrel ext.
The Reconing Complete any heist from start to end and kill 200 or more enemies with any weapon equipped with the Reconnaissance Sight on the Very Hard difficulty or above.
Let Them Fly Kill 50 Snipers with the Arbiter Grenade Launcher while using the standard ammo type.
Celsius or Fahrenheit? Kill 10 enemies in a row, without missing, while switching between the regular sight and the 45 Degree Red Dot Sight after each kill on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.


  • Added 10 additional Skill slots
  • Added 10 additional Player profiles
  • Players now need to hold space to speed up the End of Heist screen
  • Made the enemy flashbang destroyable
  • Added sound to the enemy flashbang 3 seconds on Normal to Overkill, 2 seconds on Mayhem and above
  • Added a throw animation to the enemy flashbang
  • Added ear-ringing sound to the enemy flashbangs effect
  • Unacquired mods are now more notably marked in the weapon mod menu
  • Fixed so Steam marketplace will not open when trying to preview a skin with a controller
  • Fixed a crash when trying to hit a team ai with the kunai while having the Friendly Fire Mutator active
  • Replaced content update with an information feature on the main menu showing new content available
  • Fixed an issue where crew loadout would not update correctly
  • Fix an issue that showed an incorrect melee kill when shooting tasers
  • Fixed an issue where players could get a place deployable interaction while leaning out of a car window
  • Added optional contours on all throwables
  • Added optional contours on ammo boxes
  • Added Toggle Chromatic Aberration advanced video option


  • Updated skinning texture for Matever .357 Revolver
  • Made weapon mod screen available in buy weapon menu
  • Increased the fire damage on dragons breath round from 10 to 100
  • Fixed the warning message for incompatible mods so it will not appear for mod the player does not own


  • Made High Value Target work with sensor mines
  • Change the description on some skills to say "increase reload speed" instead of "reduce reload time"
  • Fixed an issue where Lock N' Loud: Aced checked for current ammo in the clip rather than the total ammo in the clip


  • Big Oil
    • Made the level available to level 0 players
  • Golden Grin Casino
    • Made the level available to level 0 players
  • Jewelry Store
    • Fixed an issue where a window could be lock picked even when the container was spawned outside the window
  • Panic Room
    • Changed some props
  • Prison Nightmare
    • Removed shields from train and bridge during the escape
  • Safehouse
    • The Butler can now comment on recently completed heists
    • Changed the Longfellow trophy to trigger within 7 minutes instead of 10 minutes
  • Train Heist
    • Made the level available to level 0 players
Toggle background music