Ho ho ho ho-ly shit!

Vlad is pissed. Didn’t you hear? That drunken Bosnian Norwegian brother-in-law pilot of his crashed his plane like a cheap Yugoslavian rocket. Somewhere in the forest, there is a burning plane filled with Vlad’s latest shipment of pure Colombian cocaine! Millions of dollars worth of snow, ready for any babushka to steal right from under our noses. Vlad won’t let that happen and you’re going to help him not let that happen.

Step one is to save that pilot so that the pigs can’t question him and find out he’s connected to Vlad. Step two is to bring back as much coke and other valuable stuff you can find.

We have got to help Vlad get his white Xmas!

The White Xmas Heist is the second annual OVERKILL Xmas heist for PAYDAY 2 and lets players help Vlad rescue his Bosnian Norwegian brother-in-law pilot who crashed his plane carrying a large transport of pure Colombian cocaine. A loud-only heist, players are to escort the drunken pilot and make sure he gets out alive while grabbing as many valuables as they can with them.

Heisters! We’ve got a beautiful rendition of a traditional Christmas Carol in store for you. Enjoy it by viewing the video above or by listening to the bandcamp song, which you can also download for free. Seasonal greetings to you from us at OVERKILL!

Below are some screenshots from the heist, for your viewing pleasure:

Day 2 – Masks  and Achievements

Day 2 is here! And by that, Xmas is one day closer. Can you feel the Xmas spirit? We can.

The masks of Xmas!

Remember the Mechanical Bull challenge? Almir met with a couple of community members in Los Angeles and challenged them to ride a mechanical bull and hold on for as long as possible. To the surprise of everyone, Almir lost and the community members could claim their reward – to make one Xmas mask each for the Xmas Heist. Together with these heroes of the PAYDAY community, we’ve made four new masks for you to enjoy.

”Mrs. Claus” by Idiivil
When Santa is flying through December skies, someone has to stay home and keep the elves in line. No-one does that better than the whip-cracking, cigar-smoking kommandant of the Claus household.

”Krampus” by Auburok
Been a bad boy or girl this year? Then you can expect a visit from Krampus. Or a phone-call from Bain.

”Mechanical Santa” by 40 Percent Pwnamite
This jolly, festive automaton has the heart of Santa. He keeps it in a box, under a pile of elf corpses, and surrounded by severed reindeer heads.

”The Strinch” by STrAT
A seasoned heister over the festival period, the Strinch has been stealing Christmases since 1957. Also linked with the Halloween Heist of 1972.

Bonus: The Beard

For those who go above and beyond to help Vlad get his white Xmas, a legendary treasure of epic proportions awaits. In centuries past, this ancient trophy has gone by many names; the Beard of Destiny, the Untamed, Worldbreaker and the Beard of a Thousand Winks. To you, it’s simply more known as Almir’s Beard.

Almir’s Beard

Some say that real men don’t shave, but the truth is that real men can’t shave. Ordinary razors simply bounce off the dense, magnificent foliage that is a truly full Almir beard.

Festive Achievements

Xmas truly came early this year, and it brought achievements with it as well. Enjoy these festive achievements to help you into that comfortable mood.

Vlad’s Little Helpers
Complete the White Xmas job on the Normal difficulty. Unlocks the “Mrs. Claus” mask.

Stealing Christmas
Complete the White Xmas job on the Hard difficulty. Unlocks the “Strinch” mask.

Cancelling Santa’s Christmas
Complete the White Xmas job on the Very Hard difficulty. Unlocks the “Krampus” mask.

Complete the White Xmas job on the OVERKILL difficulty. Unlocks the “Mechanical Santa” mask.

Like Turkeys Voting for an Early Christmas
Complete the White Xmas job on the Death Wish difficulty.

Riders On the Snowstorm
In the White Xmas job, complete the heist on the Death Wish difficulty while each crew member wear a different “2014 Xmas” mask each. Unlocks the “Almir’s Beard” mask.

Impossible, It Can’t Be. Is it?
Secure the rare Almir’s Toast.

Day 3 – Preplanning and a New Gun

The third day is finally here! Not only will the Xmas content be released today, we have some extra things up our sleeves to share with you below.

More preplanning!

During these festive times, the Dentist feels extra generous and has decided to help the PAYDAY gang plan all the variations of the bank job as well as the stealthy Shadowraid job.

He’s also stretched out a helping hand to the Elephant, helping plan day 3 of the Framing Frame job.

Xmas came early – the Tommy Gun is here!

We said we’d release this in a week but we just can’t contain it’s awesomeness. To celebrate the community reaching 2 million members in the official group on Steam, we’ve created a special site to celebrate this marvelous event. Click here to go to the site.