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After the events at Scry Digital, details on John Concord are surprisingly scarce. But after Shade puts out a line for information, she gets a bite from an unexpected source: Vlad. However, before he can help the Gang, they need to help him.

A corrupt police captain planted drugs in one of his legitimate businesses: a gold investment firm that handles physical gold. The captain seized a large quantity of Vlad’s gold as “evidence;” he and the DA will no doubt use it to line their own pockets. Vlad’s usual guys are reliable, but they aren’t up to heisting a full-blown police station. He needs the Gang’s help to get that gold back.

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3 Weapons

Adelig RG5 // ATK-7 // Bullkick 500

29 Mods

1 Sticker // 1 Charm

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Jailbird Flight Risk Riot Con Supermax
Clownpunk Mad Mask Raider Killer K9 Clowninator
Star Cut Suave Grippers Digi Swipe Elmer's
ATK-7 Adelig RG-5 Bullkick 500