Free Heist 1: Cook Off

How do you turn a crack house into a crack home? While ‘meth home’ would probably be more appropriate, someone tried turning this once disgusting den of debauchery into something livable. As such, the Cook Off house has gotten a few well needed renovations over the years. But once a drug den, always a drug den it seems.

The Cook Off house is the second ‘loud only’ heist in PAYDAY 3, following the footsteps of its predecessor. One difference in the new Cook Off is that it is not endless, the maximum number of bags possible is now capped at 19. The visuals of this heist have seen even more obvious changes over Turbid Station, though it’s still hauntingly recognizable to experienced heisters.

Free Heist 2: Turbid Station

The private military contractor Murkywater had some “troubled times'' in the past couple of years. As such, this heist has gotten a new name alongside its facelift when brought into PAYDAY 3. Turbid Station is the first ‘stealth only’ heist in PAYDAY 3 so far.

In order to facilitate the new stealth systems introduced in PAYDAY 3, the team have made a few minor changes to the how it players as compared to PAYDAY 2. The sense of familiarity is strong however, any veteran will feel right at home.

Additional Free Content included in this update:

  • The Transporter Skill Line
  • Brand new First Person Interaction Animations
  • Weapon inspect Animations
  • Added Infamy Points to heist payouts
  • The “Under Wraps” mask
  • The “Compact7 Lycan” preset weapon
  • New music by composer Gustavo Coutinho

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