The Payday Gang is looking to tie up loose ends on the mysterious faction that tried to have them killed. Having found the specs for a cutting edge drone in the hidden files belonging to Patricia Sharke, the gang followed the clues directly to the main data center of Scry Digital on the edge of Ryan Park in NYC.

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Tailor Pack

You've heard the saying "dress for the job you want, not the one you have". Nowhere else is that more true than when trying to pull off the perfect heist. Dress for success with the Syntax Error Tailor Pack.

Includes 4 Masks, 4 Gloves and 4 Outfits.

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Weapon Pack

Just as one bad apple spoils the bunch, the wrong equipment can spell doom for a heister on the job. To prevent such pitfalls, the Syntax Error Weapon Pack provides you with 3 brand new weapons to help beef up your arsenal: The 'WAR-45' SMG, 'FSA-12G' Shotgun, and 'FIK 22 TLR' Marksman Rifle.

Also includes the Light Holographic Sight, Minimized Hook Stock, Flat-Side STAB Grip, 'Whistleblower' Weapon Charm and the 'BSOD' Weapon Sticker.

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Get the Syntax Error Bundle Now

As a reminder, players who purchased the Silver, Gold or Collector's Edition of PAYDAY 3 automatically own the Syntax Error Bundle as part of the 6 Month/1 Year Season Pass!

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