December 8 2023 - 8:15 am

Update 1.1.0 Preview with Elisabeth and Mio

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In our second Dev Update video on YouTube, we revealed the first paid DLC to come to PAYDAY 3 – the Syntax Error Heist & Bundle!

And on Thursday’s Live Stream, community manager Elisabeth & Senior Gameplay Designer Mio walked through a summary of the update, which you can check out in the VOD below!

The Syntax Error Bundle is the first paid DLC as part of our Year 1 Post Launch Plan.
As a reminder, players who purchased the Silver, Gold or Collector’s Edition of PAYDAY 3 automatically own the Syntax Error Bundle as part of the 6 Month/1 Year Season Pass!

The Bundle Contains:

  • The Syntax Error Heist
  • The Syntax Error Weapon Pack, which contains:
    • WAR-45 (SMG)
    • FSA-12 (Shotgun)
    • FIK-22 TLR (Marksman)
  • The Syntax Error Tailor Pack, which contains:
    • 4 Outfits
    • 4 Masks
    • 4 Gloves


Players who do not own the Syntax Error Heist can play the heist for free when invited to the lobby of a friend who does own the heist!

In addition, this update contains content for ALL players, regardless of whether you own the DLC or not:

  • 3 New Mask Moulds
  • New Skill Line: Scrambler
  • New Enemy Type: The Techie

Update 1.1.0 and the Syntax Error Bundle release next week for all players on all platforms, alongside full patch notes!

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