May 29 2024 - 10:00 am

PAYDAY 3: Update 1.1.4 Changelog

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Known Issues

  • Adaptive Armor and the Shock Grenade aren't unlocking despite reaching the required infamy level. We're aware of the issue and are working to resolve it.
  • [PlayStation 5] During the maintenance window a bug was found affecting interaction of physics items such as bags and keycards for PlayStation 5 heisters. We're working on identifying a solution and building a hotfix. (A hotfix has now been released that fixes this issue.)
  • The after-heist tally screen will show the wrong numbers for most heists but will still grant the correct amount of Infamy.
  • Any items that appear locked by infamy level despite being above that level will unlock after completing any one heist.
  • When first starting the game after the update is finished, it will display 0 challenges completed. The number will update after a game restart.
  • The Mask of the Week masks should include a mask slot. Currently, the purchase won't go through if there are no available mask slots. Purchasing a free slot first will let you buy the mask and will include a slot.
  • Alt+Tab on PC can cause a visual issue. The issue is with a Windows function that can be reset with the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Win+B - this will reload the screen and fix the issue in a few seconds.

New Additions

  • Infamy Points replacing challenges
    • This feature has been described in its very own blog post. It replaces the previous challenges with a more traditional leveling system.
    • For now, we left the menu in place and untouched. We’re still deciding whether to reuse or remove it.
  • 6 rotating loud modifiers
    • In an effort to address the community's feedback on difficulty, we’re starting by adding some loud modifiers. These are meant to add difficulty and promote a change in playstyle without just giving enemies more HP. For details, we devoted a blog post to this topic.
    • NEW: Federal Negotiator - Players can’t leave custody without hostage trades. Getting a player out of custody costs 1 hostage, plus 1 additional hostage for each time they’ve been in custody or have killed a civilian.
    • NEW: Combat Duo - Up to two instances of each special can spawn, and the special cap is raised by 1. Techies and Cloakers will not spawn as duos. Though we intend to bring in dual Cloakers in a future update.
    • NEW: Crippling Tactics - Players disabled by Zappers and Cloakers, damaged by Nader gas, or hit by Shield and Dozer melee attacks will lose any stack of EDGE, GRIT and RUSH.
    • NEW: Armor-piercing Rounds - 5% of damage Law Enforcement deals to armor is also applied to health.
    • NEW: Alpha Team - Regular SWAT units are replaced with Heavy SWAT.
    • NEW: Tactical Flashlights - Shields come equipped with a light that can blind players.
  • 2 new rotating stealth modifiers
    • Mentioned in the same blog post as the loud modifiers. We’re also adding two new stealth modifiers to ensure that stealth doesn’t fall behind on difficulty.
    • NEW: AI Surveillance - The security room guard is removed, and cameras cannot be shut off from the security room.
    • NEW: Threat Detection - Cameras detect players in public and private areas as if they were masked on.
  • Assassin skill line
    • Do you like silencers, sneaking, and skulduggery? Us too! To that end, we’re adding the Assassin skill line. Great utility in both stealth and loud, the line focuses on silencers, marking and efficient take-downs. This one also has its own blog post.
  • Mask of the Week
    • This feature puts fancy new masks on sale at a vastly discounted price, the masks will rotate twice and then be made available through the regular mask vendor. This one also has a blog post, whew, we’ve really been staying on top of these haven’t we?
    • To reiterate what we previously mentioned here, the Daily Activities feature should have been released alongside the masks, but was delayed due to technical issues.
    • To make up for the lack of extra c-stacks the Daily Activities would have provided, we lowered the cost of the masks from 200 to 100 c-stacks.
    • Once the Daily Activities are in the game, the Mask of the Week sale price will be 200 c-stacks, followed by 400 c-stacks when at the vendor.
    • Thanks to heisters like you voting in our recent poll, the first Mask of the Week will be… Waifu! While the Mask of the Week normally rotates weekly, as this is our first Mask, you’ll have a week and a half to get your hands on it!
  • 3 spray paint patterns with 10 variations each added to the pool of level-up rewards
    • Since we’re hoping to see more people leveling up using the new progression system. We’ve added rewards to the level-up pool to fill it out and ensure there’s something to claim. These are consumable but can drop several times.
  • Added Enemy "Techie" to all Loud heists
    • The Techie roll-out, as we’re calling it in the studio, this high-tech enemy will now start appearing in all heists. She’ll appear less often in other heists, further away from her home in Syntax Error. For those worried about that loud modifier that doubles specials - not to worry; the Techie was intentionally not included. We don’t want to blot out the sun with drones… yet.
    • The Techie has upped her game, as she was deployed to crime scenes all across the city. She will now deploy the ‘Tactical Drone,’ which will harass players with its powerful flash, removing all active buffs from the affected players.
    • Additionally, the Techie can now counter-hack any turrets the player leaves unguarded. Your days as the only hacker on the battlefield are over!
    • To help against this new threat, Shade will help players or Normal and Hard by marking the Techie, making it easier to spot.
  • Heister VO Improvements
    • Additional VO has been added to many heister’s actions, adding to immersion.


  • Fixed an issue where you could use pre-planning thermite for stealth on Touch the Sky.
  • Added missing outline to equipment bags
  • Fixed an issue where the crew could block access to the loot secure area inside the van.
  • NPC and Crew AI can now avoid cars in combat
  • Fixed an issue where the disengage skill wouldn't work after returning from custody.
  • Fixed various 'Hold To Crouch' option behaviors.
  • Key items (keycards, explosives, etc.) are now transferred to another player if the player who has them goes into custody.
  • The player now receives double damage to Adrenaline from Cloaker melee, Zapper stun gun, Nader gas, Dozer melee, and the Drone gun.
  • Fixed R900S 'Hold To Target" reload issue.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unaffected by the shock grenade when close.
  • Added new infamy bonuses to the result screen.
  • Breaching equipment now should show the correct time if you drop in while it is running.
  • Improved Cloaker weapon swapping logic.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could reload the weapon while sprinting without the 'Sprint Loaded' skill.
  • Grenade levers would infinitely pile up on the floor when you pulled out a grenade to 'cook' it and unequipped it again. This is now fixed. No more piles of grenade levers.
  • Drones can now spawn from Cloaker vents on some heists.
  • Fixed an issue where aim assist wouldn’t work while the player holds a human shield.
  • The skill 'Expose' from the Tactician skill tree now works with shock grenades, in addition to flashbangs.


  • Fixed an issue where the skill 'Last Man Standing' (Tank) did not work as intended with adrenaline.
  • Moved the ‘Cutting Shot’ (Sharpshooter) armor penetration to ‘High Grain’ (Ammo Specialist), making it a timed bonus for using an Ammo Bag. If multiple players have ‘High Grain’ equipped, the skill awards bonus damage in addition to the base armor penetration.
  • Moved additional penetration count from 'Precision Shot' (Sharpshooter) to 'Cutting Shot' (Sharpshooter).
  • ‘Clean Slate' (Tank) had the incorrect research cost. It's now been adjusted to be in line with other skill masteries.
  • Increased 'Misdirect' (Strategist) chance from 10% to 20%


  • Fixed a GPU crash when the game is out of focus (Alt+tab, windows key..)
  • Fixed an issue where the Mamba Projectiles could teleport backward if the player had high ping.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when going into custody while inspecting a weapon simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon modifications that had already been purchased could be bought again.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the destroyed wall remains visible for drop-in players.
  • Fixed an issue where players could experience stuttering while pressing "Ready" and "Unready" in quick succession.


Dirty Ice

  • Fixed an issue where bags could be thrown out of the level and not come back.
  • The cleaning machine now makes a sound when sabotaged and when cleaning is completed.

Under the Surphaze

  • Fixed an issue where the player could fall to the ground while securing the bags on one of the escape points.
  • Fixed an issue where the enemy AI wouldn't go on the second floor while the level was in the searching state.
  • Fixed collision next to one of the escape points that made it hard to kill the sniper.
  • Added collision to the construction pipes laying outside the gallery, preventing bags from getting stuck.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the red lights under the platforms would not turn off.
  • Adjusted one of the zipline paths.

Gold & Sharke

  • Fixed an issue where bags could get stuck in unreachable places.
  • The AI Crew can now enter the Vault seamlessly.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the guards refused to patrol.
  • Players can no longer interact with additional cableboxes after completing the objective.

Rock the Cradle

  • Fixed an issue where wooden doors were missing handles on them.
  • Fixed an issue where the bag could get stuck in the stealth secure point on loud.

99 Boxes

  • Fixed an issue where a spot between the container and the warehouse was set as a "Public Area."
  • Fixed an issue where bags could become unreachable near the heist spawn.
  • Fixed an issue where players could throw bags out of reach.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck behind the doors.

Road Rage

  • Fixed an issue where Shade announced 30 seconds to transport arrival while the mission timer was 44 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck by jumping on a barrel near the scaffolding.
  • Fixed an issue where bags could get stuck in unreachable places.
  • Fixed an issue with Cloaker navigation.

Touch the Sky

  • Fixed an issue so that the VIP will no longer open the panic room door after the drill finishes.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck behind a plant.
  • Fixed an issue where the bags might not get secured when thrown in the extra secure point.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in the vents on loud.

Social Stealth Tutorial

  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck and unable to progress on the Social Stealth Tutorial

Turbid Station

  • Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck on a pipe underground.
  • Fixed an issue where bags could get stuck in unreachable places.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck behind the vault door in the SSD train.
  • Fixed an issue where players could throw bags out of bounds.
  • Fixed an issue where players could throw bags out of reach.

Cook Off

  • Fixed an issue where the crew AI would get stuck on the bags of cement.
  • Fixed an issue where players could throw bags out of bounds.

Syntax Error

  • Fixed an issue where one of the vents was considered a public area.
  • Fixed an issue where some rooms were considered public areas.
  • Removed a camping spot in the manager's office.
  • Closed one of the elevators.
  • Changed the area next to room D near the vent to ‘secure.’
  • Fixed an issue where players could throw bags out of reach.
  • Fixed an issue where the crew AI might leave the bounds of the level in the loud extraction area.
  • Added VO to point players towards the relevant objective.


  • Fixed a visual issue where the meth lab would explode again for the drop-in players.
  • Fixed tilted animations while crouching.
  • Fixed an issue for how camouflage patterns are displayed on various weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the crosshair dot could disappear when ADSing on a wall.
  • Dozers have more Taunt variations ( 4 total )
  • Cloakers have more possible animations for starting a Beat Down (21 in total)
  • The locks on the display cases now don't float in the air when the glass is destroyed.
  • Throwing bags now have first-person animations.
  • Added Thermite ignition animation. (Will be released in a future update.)


  • Decreased attenuation and volume for camera hack sound.
  • Added Wi-Fi circle hack completion sound.
  • Lowered the volume for the Thermal Lance sabotage sound.
  • From 1.1.3: Additional VO was added to heisters.
  • Added lip sync for the additional heister VO added in the last patch.


  • Fixed an issue where the foregrip would spawn in the wrong position in the customization menu when viewing the R880
  • Fixed an issue with objectives disappearing before completing the "99 Boxes" heist.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could spawn a "forever grenade" next to the player's character hand while masking up
  • Changed party invitation prompt buttons from R/T to SPACE/ESC.
  • Added explosives icon to the UI.
  • Replaced incorrect text when placing explosives.

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