June 21 2024 - 3:00 pm

Operation Medic Bag: Update #18 – Get Lucky

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It’s your lucky day, heisters!

Everyone’s favorite trash-talking thief from the Emerald Isle is back to bust some skulls. That’s right: Clover is coming to PAYDAY 3 as a free heister, along with a stack of other free content, as part of the Boys in Blue Update that comes out beside the DLC next week!

Clover returns to the States with a score to settle. After the clowns retired five years ago, she moved back to her former neighborhood in Dublin with some free time and a lot of spare cash. Clover found her old stomping grounds teeming with a new generation of inexperienced upstarts and petty criminals. Unruly, undisciplined, but ripe with potential. Stealing a page from a certain British mentor figure in her life, Clover decided to take these lil’ gobshites under her wing. She would create a new gang of professional heisters, and Ireland would be their treasure trove.

But then, a merciless enemy came calling, and everything Clover built went up in flames. Back to square one and pissed as hell, Clover reconnects with her original crew to make that bastard pay. And, ideally, get bloody rich while doing it!

Clover reenters the fray with her iconic Banshee mask, as well as a new military-grade rifle customized to her exact specifications – the Queen’s Revenge.

We in the dev team are thrilled to bring Clover into the modern era of PAYDAY. Her crass, gleefully chaotic persona is back in full force, brought to life once again through Aoife Duffin’s incredible performance. Recent events may have cast a new darkness over Clover’s worldview, but her wit and her trigger finger have never been faster.

Play as Clover, unveil her full story, and take advantage of her unique arsenal when she joins the Payday Gang as a free heister in the Boys in Blue Update. When the Boys in Blue free update releases, Clover will be available to select and play as to your heart’s content.

That’s not all, though. We also have:

  • 2 Weapons – Clover’s signature gun, and the LMG
  • 3 Masks
  • 12 Flag Stickers
  • and 1 Charm

As well as these things that we covered in the Dev Update:

  • Solo Mode Beta (on all platforms)
  • Loadout Renaming
  • Nvidia DLSS 3.0
  • Twitch Drops

Rather than talk about them at length, let’s just show you the weapons and cosmetics!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview into Clover’s story since the events of PAYDAY 2. There’s more to learn, but we’re going to save that for when you step into the Boys in Blue DLC and hear it from the Lucky Lady herself.

Get Lucky on June 27th!

And finally, Wolf and the rest of the PAYDAY 3 team wish you all a Happy Midsummer, a highly celebrated holiday here in Sweden where we celebrate with friends, food, and dances around phallus shaped maypoles.

Glad Midsommar, and we’ll see you next week for Boys in Blue!

Happy Midsummer from Wolf

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