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Heisters, it’s time to give the first-person animations some more love. At OVERKILL we always strive to make PAYDAY 2 as great of an experience as it possibly can be for you guys to enjoy and for us to be proud of. Having recently announced that we’ll continue working on PAYDAY 2 for at least two more years, we’re excited to get this update out the door as a testament to our continued commitment and support of the game. With this free update, we introduce a host of new and updated first-person animations for tons of weapons in the game.


For months, our animators in the OVERKILL crew have been hard at work to further refine and and improve upon our existing first-person animations. Check out the sample videos below where we highlight some of the changes we’ve done. We hope you enjoy the updated animations as much as we have, and we look forward to hearing what you think in the community forum on Steam, on our sub-reddit and elsewhere. What are you waiting for? Get in there!
Reload Animation Examples
Ammo Deplete
Bullet for Bullet

With this update we are also introducing a brand new feature:

Transparent Magazines

Using advanced polymer materials, it is now possible to make magazines that are totally transparent. Usable on the JP36, Commando 553, Kobus 90 and the UAR.

Make it Count
Now you only need to glance at the mag in your gun to see how many rounds you still have!
Each round is spent as you fire it and you will actually see the bullets in the magazine deplete during action.