Cash Catchem Character Pack

Heisters, today we bring you a variety of surprises!

easter_cash_headshotCash Catchem

Leaving his home at the ripe age of ten, Cash was headed out on adventure and a better life, his one true goal in life to be the very best, like no one ever was. A goal achieved by shoving innocent critters into tiny containers and pitting them against each other.

You know what? If we just leave him alone and let him do his thing, maybe he’ll go away.

Capture Cube

Rather than explode, this new type of grenade allows you to keep any cops you’ve converted for a later date.

Cash’s Slingshot

Laughable at first, but have you ever gotten one of those pebbles shot in your eye, man? That shit hurts.


Who needs a bludgeoning weapon when you can just send 600,000 volts into someone, knocking them unconscious so you can shove them into a tiny container?

Pack Rat Perk Deck

The Collector needs at least one of the world’s rarest things. Not to sell or display. Just to have. Collectors can carry more of everything, more money, more loot and more ammo, just don’t expect to get it back.

New Feature! Storable Converted Units

Storable Converted Units Feature

The Capture Cube is a new grenade type, you can throw it at enemies after dominating them, and you will be able to deploy them at any time you want. After the heist is over, they are added to your inventory and are usable on any heist.

  • Capture converted cops
  • Train captured cops
  • VS mode

Tips: Remember that you can only have six captured cops with you to any heist. Also, make sure that you have a diverse line-up. Having only Bulldozers can cause you trouble if you face a challenger who has Cloakers.


Stand around doing nothing for an entire heist
Gotta Collect 'em all
Gather 10 cops in Capture Cubes.