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Tired of the long, dark nights of howling cold? Over the snow and ice and biting sleet? Well, we at OVERKILL are proud and excited to bring you a party that is guaranteed to heat things up and blow away the winter blues – the smokin’ hot BBQ Weapon Pack. Featuring a loaded menu of fresh treats – fiery weapons, mouth-filling melee, and a heaping side of new ordnance. And what would a party be without cool masks, materials and patterns? We got them too!

So pump up the gas grill, build the fire high and ready your buns for some sizzling wieners. Party starts on 3/26. See you there!

The BBQ Pack - $4.99
The Spicy & Burnin' Hot Flamethrower
Served with Your chpoice of Mods

Feel the heat with our fully-loaded, super-sized ‘flammen werfer’. Dripping with delicious thickened pyrophoric fluids, smoldering with smokin’ ignition topping and capable of spraying eye-watering hot sauce up to 20 yards, the Flamethrower is one of our most served dishes. See that skin sizzle! Try it with our Asian ‘slaw and a guava sun-tea!

Bombin' Piglet Grenade Launcher
Served with Your chpoice of Mods

A popular menu item with grandparents and children alike, the ‘Piglet’ grenade launcher is a classic. A piece of drum-loaded mobile artillery that brings pump-and-thump action to your table and explosive mayhem to the next. Add our Millionaire’s Bacon for a sweet and salty maple treat.

Kickin' Steakout 12G Shotgun
Served with Your chpoice of Mods

When you’re so hungry you feel you could rip a skulldozer in half with your teeth, we suggest ordering the 12G ‘Steakout’ shotgun. Lovingly crafted from organic polymers, layered with locally sourced stainless-steel, the ‘Steakout’ brings the sharp kick you want. Try it with our curly fries for from-the-hip satisfaction.

Savory Molotov Cocktail

The Molotov cocktail is perhaps the simplest weapon that can call itself a grenade. Nothing more than a breakable bottle of flammable liquid with a ‘fuse’ replaced by a burning rag. It is cheap, simple and highly effective. Enjoy with jalapeño poppers.

Spirited Dragon's Breath Rounds

It’s all well and good setting people on fire, but when the news helicopters are circling overhead, you want something that shows up on TV a little bit better. Something with a little more… roar.

Spicy Incendiary Rounds

“You know that it would be untrue, You know that I would be a liar, If I was to say to you, girl this ammo sets shit on fire. Come on, baby…”

Chef's Choice of Melee Weapons


A long piece of iron with a pointy end is a fine implement for tending to smoldering embers, but it is also the perfect implement for causing havoc and extreme discomfort. If you don’t believe us, ask your server for an ‘Edward II’.

The Motherforker

What’s the difference between a truckload of bowling balls and a truckload of dead dozers? You can’t unload a truckload of bowling balls with the Motherforker. Enjoy with pepper seasoning.


A melee weapon with a dual purpose – use it to smear a cop all across the road, and then let others use it to scoop up their remains. Take an extra napkin for this one.


While it was mainly designed for softening and flattening tough strips of steak, it has also proven useful for softening and flattening tough strips of cop. Goes great with a light hollandaise.

How to get New Mods

For starters, everyone who buys the Butcher’s BBQ Pack will get one of each weapon modification for each new weapon to start with. If you crave more, you need to complete daily or weekly side jobs to unlock more of these deliciously good weapon modifications. As an extra side-order, the weapon modifications are also available in the normal loot drop.

Masks for You and Your Friends

The Gas Mask

The gas mask may seem like it belongs to the wars of an older era, but it is a crucial piece of equipment on the urban battlefield, where gas can still be deployed. Also, gives you a cool, wheezy breathing sound. Try with our special spices.


The head of the legendary Graug. Towering beings of fire and smoking darkness, bound in blackened iron mail. Shaped like a man, but horned and visaged like a cruel demon. Body consumed by a furnace heat, hotter than Hell itself. Knows all the best tunes. Recommended with tater-tots.

The Chef

Whether you’re a line cook flipping patties at a roadside diner, or an itamae dissecting toadfish at a $1000-a-table joint, this hat means one thing: you’re the chef. Add a fried egg for a treat.

Firefighter’s Helmet

The crew may show scant respect to the police authorities, but they have huge respect for the men and women that clean up the burning messes left in their wake. This mask is a tribute to their efforts. Try with a glass of lemonade.

Astonishing Achievements
Disco Inferno
Have 10 enemies burning simultaneously. Unlocks the "Graug" mask, "Coal" material and "Fireborn" pattern.
Stick a Fork In Me, I'm Done
Set an enemy on fire and kill him with the "Motherforker" melee weapon. Unlocks the "The Gas Mask" mask, "Candlelight" material and "Flammable" pattern.
Not Invited
Kill 10 enemies within 10 seconds using the Piglet Grenade Launcher. Unlocks the "Firefighter's Helmet" mask, "Burn" material and "Flamer" pattern.
Set a Bulldozer on fire for 10 seconds or more. Unlocks the "The Chef" mask, "Toast" material and "Hot Flames" pattern.
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