Ethan & Hila

Ethan is proof that you can never really know what goes on inside Bain's head. His skills in public relations and engagement attracted the interest of Bain, who convinced him and his wife Hila to join the PAYDAY gang with promises of restitution, fortune, and glory.

Rumor has it that Hila underwent extreme training in the Israeli military, and while she keeps denying it publicly, something definitely caught Bain's attention when he asked her and Ethan to join the gang.


Ethan’s Mask is the embodiment of the double chin, at the same time as you can see determination and pure anger emitting from it.

Hila’s Mask posses a certain destructive grace and malice that makes sure that you understand that, whoever wears it might smile, but is dead serious.


Bows are mean and high velocity projectiles are deadly. As you combine the two, you’ll get the Airbow. A powerful, silent, semi-automatic weapon that’ll take out anything you aim at with lethal precision.

It comes with Explosive Arrows that’ll unleash a devastating blast upon impact, and Poison Arrows which infect the victim with a powerful toxin that’ll inflict damage over time.

Magazine 6
Total Ammo 30
Rate of Fire 120
Damage 700
Accuracy 84
Stability 84
Concealment 28
Threat 10

Two Handed Great Ruler

Our two handed great ruler is the biggest ruler we make. But don't let its size fool you, as there's nothing awkward or clumsy about this awesome ruler.

Damage 70(450)
Knockdown 70(450)
Charge Time 4s
Range 275
Concealment 27

New Perk Deck: Tag Team

Ethan and Hila are a team, and it is therefore self-explanatory that they’ll share a Perk Deck. Ethan and Hila are all about stirring some ruckus together. Their Perk Deck is called TAG TEAM.

Tag Team is about working together as you can “tag” another player. By tagging another player you’ll be able to - among other things - regain health or reduce your cooldown timer. Tag Team is a powerful Perk Deck where you are able to take “teamwork” to a whole new level.