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You are hereby invited to a strict black tie auction in a classic mansion in New England. The exact location will not be disclosed prior to the actual date due to the sensitive nature of the items being auctioned. If you wish, a driver can be provided to pick you up in Boston, whereby you will be transported to and from the mansion.

At the mansion you will be treated to beverages and smaller dishes before the auction, which begins at 9pm. After the auction you are free to remain at the mansion and socialise until you feel ready to depart.

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Day01 Welcome

The Elephant might be the one who arranged proper invitations to the auction for the PAYDAY gang, but invitations must still pass through the organizer’s electronic verification system. Luckily, Locke’s new protegé Joy is an expert in the field and he has brought her into the gang to bolster it in all things related to hacking and cyber-security.

Scrubbing the bogus invites electronically to appear legit is, for her, a cakewalk. With the fight against the Kataru heating up, it will be increasingly important to protect from interlopers.This is where Joy will show her worth as a member of the PAYDAY crew.

Blood Diamond

  • 1 Part Grenadine
  • 2 Parts Light Rum
  • 1 Part Sour Raspberry Mixer
  • Lemon/Lime Soda
  1. Shake Grenadine, Raspberry Mixer and
    Rum with ice
  2. Pour into a martini glass
  3. Fill with the soda

Add a cherry on the edge of the glass.

Auction Item Astrolabe

The item was found in a lead-lined and insulated wooden box aboard the dog sled and is in immaculate condition. This type of device was often used whenever astronomical or navigational calculations needed to be made in antique times. This piece is unusual in design and is much more complex than usual for the time period in which this style of device was common. The surface of the device contains markings and lettering in an unidentified language. Several of the dials and settings are unknown and have not been found on any similar devices. Further, laboratory dating of the piece puts it as being hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years older than any similar device! Our chief researcher noted it was like “discovering the Space Shuttle a thousand years before the Wright Brothers made their first flight”. Truly the centerpiece of the Shacklethorne auction, this is a mystical piece of historic significance and will certainly bring attention to its buyer.

Day02 Cocktail

Please do enjoy a cocktail as you wait for the auction to start. We have a large assortment of the finest spirits and we have employed one of the top bartenders in the world to serve you. His latest concoction lacks a name, so if you have a creative mind, please feel free to see if you can come up with a name for it and we will make sure to show our gratitude.

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Auction Item Antique Journal

A leather-bound personal journal. This journal bearing the initials “A.L”, along with a gold-leaf inlay depicting a French lily, was found among the possessions of the sled driver. It appears to contain a personal account of the Shacklethorne expedition and makes for very interesting reading if one is interested in the expedition. According to the crew roster, there was no crew member or passenger with the initials “A.L.”, therefore the sled driver’s identity remains a mystery.

Condition: The journal was discovered with several layers of protective coverings and was therefore protected from the elements. It remains in overall good condition with only moderate yellowing to the pages.

[Name Required]

  • Orange juice
  • 2 Parts Gold Tequila
  • 1 Part Coffee Liqueur
  • 1 Part Orange Liqueur
  1. Pour the tequila in a Highball glass with ice
  2. Nearly fill with orange juice
  3. Mix the two liqueurs separately
  4. Pour the liqueurs over a spoon into the glass

Day03 Shacklethorne

Welcome to our Mansion here in Salem, we hope you are enjoying yourselves as the final preparations are drawing to a close. Please refrain from any kind of disturbance, talking or other elements that might interrupt the auction itself.

You will be bidding on items from the famously mysterious Shacklethorne Expedition to Antarctica, which disappeared in 1905, but has recently been found by a team of researchers. Very few items from the ship itself were salvageable, but also recovered was a dog sled and the mummified remains of its driver and his possessions. The origin of the driver has yet to be ascertained. Strangely, he appears to have met a gruesome end while attempting to leave the shipwreck.

We remind you that all bids must be covered during the evening or we will not release the items. If you are bidding on other’s behalf, you must have a written commission of trust from the person, entity or company that you represent.

Feel free to enjoy our cocktails throughout the event.

The auction will begin shortly, and remember to keep it civil.

Auction Item Ring

A gold signet ring. This ring was found on the skeletal hand of the sled driver. It appears to be made of gold, though metallurgical analysis revealed the presence of additional unknown metallic alloys. It has triangular etching on the face and a small green gemstone in the shape of a French lily in the center.

Condition: Despite the harsh conditions it has been subjected to, this ring remains in immaculate condition.


  • 1 Part Smooth Whiskey
  • 2 Parts Coffee Liqueur
  • 1 Part Almond Liqueur
  • Blackberries
  1. Pour whiskey and almond liqueur into a
    Old Fashioned glass and swirl
  2. Add Ice
  3. 1 Part Almond Liqueur
  4. Add half of the coffee liqueur
  5. Muddle the blackberries and shake with the
    rest of the coffee liqueur and Ice
  6. Strain over a spoon into the glass
  7. Stir lightly so the thick berry mixture
    settles on the bottom

Garnish: Place one or two blackberries on a toothpick into the glass

Day04 Stream

As the auction ended somewhat abruptly, we can only but apologise for the inconvenience. As we are forced to cancel our future physical rendezvous for the time being - we will instead provide everyone with the opportunity to congregate via the internet. Our four hosts will lead you through a “stream” where we once again revisit our beautiful mansion.


Auction Item Telescope

A brass navigational telescope with leather coverings, approximately 70cm long when extended. Found among the sled driver’s possessions.

Condition: The leather has a small amount of humidity rot and the brass detailing is slightly discolored. One lens has a small crack in it, but it appears to be functional overall.


  • Blackberries
  • Licorice Candy
  • 1 Part Melon Liqueur
  • 1 Part Licorice Sauce
  • 2 Parts Cream Liqueur
  1. Crush licorice candy
  2. Muddle the blackberries
  3. Use the juice to rim an Old Fashioned
    glass with crushed candy
  4. Place the glass in the freezer
  5. Shake licorice sauce and cream
    liqueur with ice
  6. Strain into the frozen, rimmed glass
  7. Pour the melon liqueur over a
    spoon into the glass

Add some crushed licorice on top

Day05 Holdout
Game Mode

Unfortunately we all sometimes find ourselves in certain situations where we need an “insurance”. In contrary to stolen auction lots sometimes the ”human form” of insurance is preferred as it will guarantee maximum precaution taken by those confronting you. It will also - hopefully - guarantee a safe escape for you and your peers. Try for yourself in our brand new Holdout Game Mode.

In Crime

  • 2 Parts Silver Tequila
  • 1 Part Blue Curacao
  • 2 Pinches of Edible Gold Dust
  • Lemon-Lime Soda
  1. Add tequila, blue curacao and one pinch
    gold dust in a shaker with ice
  2. Pour
  3. Fill with Soda

Roll a cocktail cherry in the rest of the gold dust and pierce it with a toothpick, then put it into the drink.

Auction Item Dedication

A plaque of cast brass, approximately 25cm X 40cm in size, bearing the name, registration, and place of construction for the ship used in the Shacklethorne expedition. It reads: RSV Baldwin, Pennsylvania, Anno Jan 1905. This plaque was one of the few items able to be salvaged from the expedition ship itself, due to the wreckage having been crushed by Antarctic ices in the decades since it ran aground.

Condition: Generally undamaged, with moderate oxidation due to exposure to elements.