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Robin Hood. Billy the Kid. Bonnie and Clyde. Names and deeds that will live forever. Because of INFAMY.

We know you’ve worked hard. You cracked the Big Bank with fire and fury. You slipped unseen away with The Diamond. You broke Hoxton out of custody in full view of the press.

And you’ve gained Infamy.

But, while dipping your toes into the first levels of Infamy is impressive, they are just that – the first. Good enough for a spot on some East Coast news network, for a while, or to be posted on the FBI’s most wanted bulletins. But for true Infamy, to have your name and deeds live forever, you must go further. Go beyond. Be More.

And to help you achieve this, we at OVERKILL are fucking excited to announce that we are expanding the Infamy system by another 20 levels – for free.

While we have your attention, please note that while the image above is hot as hell, you can not for example double wield LMG’s as Dallas. That would be unrealistic. ;)

The New Infamy

To accommodate the additional levels of Infamy, we are also expanding the system for selecting the levels. Infamy is arranged around a branching system, with the first level being the center of this network. As you achieve additional levels, you expand out from the center, and develop your Infamy in the way you want.

This expands the potential Infamy levels from 5 to a staggering 25! Each of these 25 Infamy levels come with a bonus – an experience modifier, or a unique mask.

Now, grab your favorite iron, get that mask on, and get out there and earn. Go beyond the norm. Be more than you thought you could ever be. Be Infamous.


A consequence of being the baddest heister on the planet is that the whole world knows your face. Make sure you’re wearing your best one with this batch of new masks.

Heister Sentry

This mask was originally designed to be part of a complete head-to-toe heisting outfit. However, field testing revealed that the gaudy spandex suit offered no protection against bullets, knives or grenades. The mask, however, was found to be lightweight, durable and stylish. It’s heistin’ time!

The Being

This mask is based on the experiments of the peculiar Dr Rudolf Mastaba. A modern Prometheus, he sought to return life to the dead with the application of Industrial Revolution technology. Rumour suggests that he was partly successful – the undead rose, but had an insatiable appetite for wheat, barley and maize.


For the truly detached and impassive, we provide the Android mask. Lightweight alloys, chromium finish and really cool LED lights mean this mask is ready for the bank job or the dancefloor. Alas, does not make you fluent in six million languages.


Based on the crazed leader of the League of Darkness. It’s unclear if this was a breathing apparatus or a vocabulator. Some speculate that it was a delivery system, designed to provide Venger with the narcotics that gave him both his superhuman strength and psychotic rage.


There are things older and fouler than heisters in the dark places of the world. And one of them is Kamul. We do not know if he is the lingering spirit of a long dead man, or something that has crossed from the realm of shade. All we know is that few look into this face and live to tell of it.


The weapons may change, the ideologies may shift and the accents may swap, but the balaclava has been a mainstay for the armed robber and terrorist for decades. Covering all but your steely, flint-like eyes and your cruel, twisted mouth, it keeps you warm when it’s chilly too.

The Lurker

Teeth are scary. Big teeth are scarier. And giant sharp fang-like teeth suddenly gnashing out where they lurk in the darkness are downright shit-yourself-terrifying. With all of that in mind, can you think of a better mask to keep the civilians in line?


A warrior spirit doesn’t appear naturally. It isn’t something you are born with. Like steel, it is is forged in fire. It is beaten in the furnace of battle – tempered, polished and sharpened. This mask celebrates the birth of this warrior spirit – the furnace-born steel given wings.

Materials & Patterns

Along with new masks, we’ve also dropped a fresh batch of materials and patterns for you to to tailor and tweak your game-face.


To become truly Infamous, you need those red letter day moments that mark the highlights of your criminal career. We’ve put together a new batch of achievements to help with that.