Free Update

The new maximum infamy level is now 500!
Additionally, rewards have been added for infamy levels 26-65.

16 New Weapon Colors

4 New Gloves

1 New Outfit (in 4 variants)

16 New Join Game Stingers

Outfit: Buluc's Suit

The dreaded crime lord Buluc was always one to dress in style, his immaculate white suit betraying one of his defining character traits: his hubris and self-image as an almost divine figure. Will this image last as tensions with Vlad and the Payday Gang come to the boiling point, or will there be a violent iconoclasm to knock this idol down?

Mask: Buluc's Mask

Buluc took his moniker from the ancient Mayan war god Buluc Chabtan, probably a self-absorbed and narcissistic move as much as a ploy to intimidate people around him. He had this terrifying mask made for himself to reinforce that image with symbolic theatrics. But if one day the man-god Buluc should fall, who will wear it?