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Heisters, this is a great day. Once more, OVERKILL and Dennaton Games work together to bring you something awesome. When you pre-order Hotline Miami 2 or its Digital Special Edition, we’re giving you extra PAYDAY 2 loot to go with it. Did you ever want to play as Jacket in PAYDAY 2? Now’s your chance.

Regular Edition Mask Pack

Introducing the Hotline Miami mask pack for PAYDAY 2!

– Acquired when a player buys the standard edition of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on Steam
– Introduces 6 new Hotline Miami masks in PAYDAY 2
– Adds 5 gallons of Hype Fuel to the Hype Train event

With the Hotline Miami Mask pack, heisters can try out a total of six new masks from Hotline Miami. These are no other than Biker, Corey, Jake, Tony’s Revenge, Richter and Alex.


Although Jacket is the last one to brag – he doesn’t speak at all – his achievements in the criminal underworld are widely known. Allegedly, he once wiped out the entire Russian Mafia in Miami all on his own. His background in the military and his unflinching attitude towards over-the-top violence has made him an excellent hitman – or “messenger” as some like to call it. For unknown reasons he remains completely mute and chooses to communicate only with the help of a tape recorder – playing back bits and pieces of language learning tapes, PAs and documentary narrations instead of speaking.
Click here to check him out.

Do you like hurting other people? Upon buying Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Digital Special Edition on Steam, you get the following:

– Acquired when a player buys the Digital Special Edition of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
– Introduces 6 new Hotline Miami masks in PAYDAY 2
– Adds 10 gallons of Hype Fuel to the Hype Train event
– Introduces Jacket of Hotline Miami fame as a playable character in PAYDAY 2
– Introduces an additional mask called “Richard Returns” in PAYDAY 2
– Adds the Sociopath perk deck in PAYDAY 2
– Adds the Carpenter’s Delight hammer melee weapon in PAYDAY 2
– Adds Jacket’s Piece, a Submachine gun with accompanying weapon modifications in PAYDAY 2

If you always wanted to beat someones head in as Jacket in PAYDAY 2, now’s your chance!

Jacket's Stuff

Richard Returns

The mask of someone who performs a number of brutal assassinations in response to cryptic messages left on his answering machine. Someone you know is not who you think he is.

Jacket’s piece

Jacket’s piece is a modified Mark 10 submachine gun, sporting a great fire power because of its damage and high rate of fire. The recoil is difficult to control however, much like Jacket himself.

Carpenter’s Delight

The Carpenter’s Delight is Jacket’s favorite hammer. The hammer is the perfect tool to deliver blunt blows to people you don’t like. The most common uses for hammers are to drive nails, fit parts, forge metal, and break apart objects, none of which Jacket cares for particularly much.

The Sociopath

The Sociopath is known to be one of the most effective type of criminals. Where he is effective, he is also difficult to deal with, which is why larger organizations avoid him. Bold, disinhibitted and mean, the Sociopath excels in the most violent of jobs. Unable to feel guilt for the crimes he commits, he is a dangerous enemy.


Q: What is all this then?
A: This is another collaboration between OVERKILL and Dennaton Games. Hotline Miami meets PAYDAY 2 again by adding additional content for PAYDAY 2.

Q: How do I get the items?
A: It depends on if you buy the standard edition or the digital special edition of Hotline Miami 2. The standard edition of Hotline Miami 2 gives you access to the Hotline Miami Mask Pack which includes 6 masks for PAYDAY 2. The digital special edition of Hotline Miami 2 however includes the Jacket Character Pack as well as the Hotline Miami Mask Pack.

Q: When will the content be available?
A: It will be available with the release of Hotline Miami 2 on the 10th of March.

Q: Are the Hotline Miami 2 Payday 2 items pre-order only?
A: No. That would be mean. ;)