Bodhi's Pool Repair is back in business.

Gang, we're headed for the Sunshine State! An individual by the name of Mr. Mitchell has his whole community fooled that he's this respectable golf coach at some fancy club. But under the surface, he is a professional money launderer and counterfeiter - and a damn good one at that. Together with his partner, Wilson, these guys are literally making millions. Now, wouldn't it be fair if we got our hands on some of that?

We are doing things a bit differently this time. There is this shady taxman who is out to make a $25,000,000 deal with some big corporation, but we're going to stop it from going through, you understand? Alex is helping us out with this one, making sure we can get our hands on this taxman and force him to give us the server and codes we're after. He might not be cooperative at first, so you will just have to use any means necessary to convince him, right?

Free for owners of the Wolf Pack DLC from PAYDAY: The Heist. $6.99.
China Puff 40mm Grenade Launcher Secondary Weapon
Magazine: 3
Total Ammo: 6
Rate of Fire: 50
Damage: 340
Accuracy: 96
Stability: 96
Concealment: 18
Threat: 37
Less Is More

As we have tons of melee weapon in our game but a lot of them are similar to one another we're taking a new approach in the Wolf Pack DLC! The time and effort it takes to create four melee weapons we instead put into the creation of one.

The first result of this new approach is The Pounder, Wolf's favorite nailgun. When people ask about the name Wolf is quick to correct it to "The Punder" and as they say that he screams: "Nailed it!"

Pounder Melee Weapon
Damage: 70(450)
Knockdown: 70(450)
Charge Time: 4s
Range: 185
Concealment: 27
Simon Viklund
2 New Tracks
Home Invasion 2016
Three Way Deal 2016
"Remixing is an artform. You gotta preserve the essence of the original, but keep in mind that the original is still there to please the purists - so you should dare to make some unexpected stuff too. So I turned the Counterfeit soundtrack (which was originally break beat) into drum'n'bass - and the Undercover soundtrack (which was originally drum'n'bass) into a rock/bigbeat fusion! Be open to the new - and remember, the original tracks still exist to tickle your nostalgia!"
4 Masks

Hans hates people and will crack the skull of anyone who opposes him. But under his frightening appearance, Hans is a good boy. You could almost say he's a prince in disguise. Treat him well and he might take you to the Land of Sweets.

Trickster Demon

The Trickster Demon is a mischievous being, who thrives on creating chaos and spreading mayhem. It might not look that scary, but don't let that smirk fool you; its idea of "fun" differ greatly from what you or me would enjoy. Trust me on this.

The Viking

The Germanic Norse seafarers known as Vikings were fierce warriors during the late 8th to late 11th centuries. Equipped with their mighty axes and horned helmets, they stood tall and proud in the heat of battle. If you want the capture the spirit of these old fighters, this mask will do the job.

The Dragon Head

Mounting the prow of Viking ships, the dragon head was used to scare off sea monsters and evil spirits. Dozers and Cloakers are evil, right? Why not give it a go and see if it can scare them away? But have your gun ready just in case. For safety.

4 Patterns
4 Materials
10 Achievements
Under Pressure Complete the Counterfeit job on the Death Wish Difficulty
Dr. Evil Print and secure $1,000,000 worth of counterfeit money in the Helicopter on the Counterfeit job
Cutting the Red Wire Disarm the C4 on the Counterfeit job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above
Basement Dwellers Don't let the cops enter the printing room on the Counterfeit job on OVERKILL difficulty or above
Crowd Control On the Counterfeit job, have all civilians as hostages until the safe is opened
In for a dime, in for a Dollar Complete the Undercover job on the Death Wish difficulty
Not Even Once Complete the Undercover job on OVERKILL difficulty or above without anyone in your crew getting downed or cuffed
Keep Clear of the Windows Complete the Undercover job without killing any Snipers
The Saviour On the Undercover job, place 10 planks on windows, vents or fences
Blow-out Complete the Undercover job on OVERKILL difficulty or above, using only a grenade launcher or rocket launcher
Changelog 95
  • Fixed some animation timers with the melee weapons.
  • A player using the bipod now fires in the correct direction for other players.
  • Fixed additional bipod exit states, The player can exit from bipod state by doing the following actions: sprinting, jumping, switch weapons, deploy bag, throw grenade/projectile.
  • Firestarter - Removed some issues regarding light on the level.
  • Framing Frame Day 2 - Fixed an issue where the players could run out of the train when it closes.
  • Mallcrasher - Fixed an issue where you could fall out of the level.
  • Goat heist - Made some tweaks on the music.
  • Goat heist - Fixed some collisions.
  • Goat heist - Fixed description text when picking up goats.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get Dallas suit and mask on other characters.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could shoot you through the SWAT van.
  • Fixed an issue where team boost did not show properly in loadout.
  • Fixed an issue with damage being multiplied on the SWAT van.
  • Removed a text that said "show all" when you hid your GUI in inventory.
  • Fixed a potential crash when entering loadout.
  • Added some missing inspect animations.
  • Fixed the issue where empty ammo bags were still present on the level.
  • Made the offshore payday permanent.
  • Fixed Arch Nemesis mask clipping issues with Sokol.


Wolf's improving your crafting once again!

Wolf's made some research in his day, and he figured out that making games wasn't all fun and... well, games.
He's learned that even a Dozer can't stand against his drilling technique. He's also learned how to get the most out of his weapons.

He showed his drilling techniques to a skeptical Gage who is now convinced.

Modifications are now 75% cheaper to apply to weapons.

The Wolf Safe contains 16 new weapon skins, including 6 commons, 4 uncommons, 3 rares, 2 epics and one legendary. The Safe and Drill can both be obtained in the Card Loot Drop after successfully completing a heist.

You can also purchase, sell & trade Drills and Safes via the Steam Marketplace.

16 Unique Weapon Skins

Izhma Shotgun
Liten Skit
Chimano Custom Pistol
Eagle Heavy Rifle
Crosskill Pistol
Lone Wolf
Nagant Sniper Rifle
Street Sweeper Shotgun
Micro Uiz SMG
Big Bad
AK. 762 Rifle
Signature .40 Pistol
Mark 10 SMG
Geri and Freki
Deagle Akimbo
Valkyria Rifle
UAR Rifle
AMR-16 Rifle
Commando 553 Rifle
Hungry Wolf
KSP 58

Using his years of experience as a technician, Wolf finally took his dream project and turned it into reality, creating the weapon known as Hungry Wolf.

Embodying its creator's violent spirit, this modified KSP machine gun will act as an extension of Wolf himself and help spread the mayhem he enjoys. There's also a grocery list etched on the ammunition holder.

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