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So REVEALTHECORRUPTION contacted me earlier and said the shit is abboyut to go down, but I didn’t really catch everything causre I think he was on a train or somethgin. I’m feeling super stressed right now, I see black vans everywhere and people ins suit following me. Obvisoulty I’m getting... View Post

So I asked you to aid me with my work to gather police reports. And I’ve got plenty of hepl. This is so valuble cause I’m gettin closer for every police report that has come in. Getting all these stats together has proven good for my further work with making... View Post

So you rember the video feed where I gots to see Garrett on the phone with the clowns sneaking around? I’ve been working a bit more with that and yesterday I hid in my car outside the FBI HQ, waiting for Garrett. So I followed him around and ended up... View Post

Some shit is about to go down! I’ve kept myself in the shadow, dodging every little drone I could see, or chopper or what ever they’re sending at me! I mean like people talk about chemtrails. But that’s just bullshit. I mean information are key! They collect all you personal... View Post

So in the papers today there was talks about a breakin, where someone robbed the weapons manufacturer up statef. Its just outside of town and appearantly there was some security footage recorded and now the news papers and police together are asking for information about someone in a wheelchair. On... View Post

So I found this guy online that is kinda questioned some things that I too wonder about. He’s on sits a lot of theories and I’m gonna reach out to him. I don’t have his real name, and I don’t what to. Cause the less I know the better if... View Post

So I can’t really go into details exactly on how I gots this in my hands. Cause “they” are always listening. I know a lot of you kinda think that drones are just harmless toy. You see some here and there, just like floating arounds. But it’s much, much more... View Post

I got words on the whereabouts of the clowns, so now I got a rendevouz with destiny. Don’t ask me how, but I mean some rumours have been circling the deep-web and I’m sure that “Mr. America” and his posse is involved in this (some have pointed them out as... View Post

So I checked out this industrial area outside of the city, you know. I just wanted to give some warming about it. There’s these warehouses out there and the company owning them talks about that they use them for “goods”, but if you’re not an idiot you’ll figure out that... View Post