Random encounter

So I found this guy online that is kinda questioned some things that I too wonder about.

He’s on sits a lot of theories and I’m gonna reach out to him. I don’t have his real name, and I don’t what to. Cause the less I know the better if Garrett kicks in the door one day. So let’s see if he I can reach him.

He’s like on forums and other such sites a lot. Like this: https://www.twitch.tv/starbreeze Until then, Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

Also, some of you belivers have reached out and asked for where I got my wallpaper, it’s custom, but you cans get it here:

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  • Salieri's Neighbor says:

    Be careful this guy might track you with the site be vigilant

  • Richard de Bonn says:


  • Buy some guns mate, some guy called G.A.G.E had some, I cannot say his whereabouts, they are always listening.

    • SkepticGuy_96 says:

      What does G.A.G.E stand for?

      • staryoshi06 says:

        I’ve contacted him before, it’s just a name, it doesn’t stand for anything. He has some really good supplies though! Also, he is in a wheelchair…

  • frenchbagg says:

    When can I buy your book?

    • SkepticGuy_96 says:

      it’s so fucking hard to find a publisher who’s willing to publish the truth! but I’ll just have to finish it, and then I can publish it myself. I don’t care about money! I just want to spread the truth!!1

  • Hotdog John says:

    What does a pizza have to do with this?

  • ineedamedicbaaag says:

    nice wallpaper n all but AAAAH wheres my medic baaaag>???

  • Cheesy name says:

    Salaminati, you’ve come to take our slices
    You can take my hot sauce
    But you can’t break my crust
    We all shall be pepperoni!

  • MysteryMan says:

    Can’t wait to find out what happens

  • Love the wallpaper!

  • Heh… seems like they really are listening…

  • someone check the wallpaper for clues

  • DefinitelyNotBain says:

    What do you think this is all leading to?

  • I hope you reach out to whoever you going after! I’m looking forward for all of this.

  • a truth seeker says:

    listen to r4ndom. he will help you put your puzzle pieces in order

  • Firestarter says:

    Be careful. I don’t think Garrett would do this, but I’m not sure about his accomplices.

  • ConspiracyTheorist14 says:

    If only you got a name. Keep us posted on what this guy tells you man! I really want to start piecing these things together.


    Thank you for the wallpaper, My Friend!

  • Durbinburben says:

    Nice pizza background man. Did you find it, made it yourself, or commissioned someone?

  • WhiteCoffee says:

    You Should Work With RandomKenny, he seems to be good.

  • CLOWN_HUNTER_56 says:

    Dude, I think we’re really close to the truth here. We are finally gonna expose this dirty government! Oh, and thanx for the wallpaper!

  • Bill Cipher says:

    You should be more careful. If the FBI suspects that you might be… “useful”… in getting close to the Clowns, then they will come for you. The stuff about civilian rights? The FBI ain’t givin a shit about that.
    Also I heard that the next few days are going to be very lively – stuff involving the Clowns, that is.
    If you are not sure if you can defend against the FBI – or the Clowns, in that matter (they are really dangerous. They also killed a Civilian once, I think.) – you should maybe consider to cease investigations on them.
    If you choose to continue, however, I wish you the best of luck.

  • M. Johnson says:

    Certainly hope you’re still up and haven’t been killed by the gang OR the cops yet.
    My inside man says there’s a man named Locke currently running The Payday Gang, ex-Murkywater, he was a high-ranking official there assigned to take down The Payday Gang from the but ended up turning his back on his colleagues in order to help the gang, and ever since Bain died he’s been running it since.
    Skeptic, if you can get in contact with this “Locke” guy then you can get the info you need to expose Garrett as a corrupt fraud before they kill him and the info is sealed for good.

    I’ll say more later, but for now please stay safe, you’re getting close.

  • Freddy_Freaker_1900 says:

    Nice wallpaper, it’s freaky.

    The good kind of freaky.

  • BillyCanca says:

    We will all get a slice soon. Remember THEY are always listening.

  • JalexBones says:

    But the numbers SkepticGuy! WHAT DO THEY MEAN?!

  • Just be careful alright? We need you.

  • The Devron says:

    This is all about to go down.

  • not a clown says:

    How are you so sure the clowns won’t find this post and track you down? You should get some guns man! Stay safe.